How do you feel about a white woman who cheats on her husband regularly with black men?

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    I get hit on by black men all the time because I flirt like crazy!!!I get very horny very easy when a man is obviously attracted to me.I make it very obvious that Im available and aggressive black men just devour me!I like the way it feels when they begin talking with me and it escalates quickly to seducing me :) I really like it,and when you ad the element that Im a married woman my excitment is uncontrolable and the result is that I make love with alot of black men in front of my husband and also behind his back!I love the way black men love me ;)
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    I take it you are a married WHITE woman?
    For me, a married white woman who fucks Black Men is my biggest turn on. I have been very fortunate in that when i met my wife she was already big into Black Men and she was open about that with me. I encouraged her to continue which she did.
    She found it difficult to understand how a man could love her and still want to share her. She only agreed after i promised to never play around like she did, something i gladly accepted as it was never my intention to cheat or play around on her.
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    I cheated on my husband for 10yrs with black men and loved every minute of it before my husband joined in on this lifestyle. I never felt bad about it except for right before the first time I did it. But as soon as we started fucking that thought went straight out of my mind and never returned. The thrill was an amazing turn on that I will never forget!
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