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Black Men Hiding their Interracial Love


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A white woman who'd read my blog complained to me recently about one major grievance she had about black men wanting white women. She argued that a lot of black out there, majority of them married to black women, do want to date/fuck white women, except they're so scared of their secret being found out by people in their neighbourhood. Kind of like Wesley Snipes' character in that movie 'Jungle Fever'.

She went on that she'd been dating a black man not too long ago, but broke it off when she noticed that he tended to pull away from her whenever he sighted any group of black women about, like he was ashamed of people noticing whom he was with. She complained about it and when he kept making out the same way continuously, she did him the favour of breaking up with him.

Have you met or heard of other black men who behave this way?