interracial world.....

It seems interracial is becoming more accepted, are white women just being more open about liking blackmen? I see miley cyrus twerking all over the place, is it just a fad? Or are cultrual ideas shifting? More and more mixed babies are being born (and they are beautiful by the way) what will american look like 10, 20 years from now?
I think white women are tired of fantasizing about Black men and being they're used to getting their way with white men their more aggressive and open towards Black Men now. I approach them and their very receptive to the attention and the sexual tension is always there. Thats my belief anyway but who am i lol

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I think here in the United States it has always been going on, It is now just more out in the open and people don't have to hide it . Don't forget that once upon a time, not too long ago, there were actually laws on the books in the that outlawed interracial marriages, and relationships. Also it certain parts of the country it would be very very dangerous for a black man to be seem with a white woman, or to even approach a white woman. (look up Emmit Till) Now day abots laws and most attitudes have changed, so white women can have all the black men they want openly and there is not a dam thing anyone can do to stop it, legally or otherwise, So its seen out there more often. Also the media shows much more interracial couples than they used to. Years ago they would not dare show a black man and a white woman on TV.
I was actually thinking about posting about this, much respect to you blackmanofsteel

Yes It's crazy now (in a good way) I love IR look like it's being more common than couples staying with their own races. I remember going to elementary school they had one mix kid in the class he was probably the first mixed kid i seen, and saw his parents his mom was white and his dad was black i was so confused when i was just a young boy.

And every other school i went to when i was a 3rd grader had no mixed children. In my generation i am born in 1984. So i really didn't notice the whole black and white thing till 5th grade up until 6th. But it was rare the school i went to middle school that is, i had 2 white girl friends and 1 Asian girlfriends. this was around 1996-1997 school year.
fast forward the time machine to the year 2001-2002 school year for me High School. It started to become more noticeable around this time, i had 5 white girls that we're crazy about me and i fucked them and they always used to play in my hair, i had long hair since middle school and still have it up until now.

So around 2003 when i graduated all the way up until 2007 really noticed it, but let me take you back to 2003, when i was just getting out of school it was mostly Black guys dating Mexican or Puerto Rican chicks. Which became kind of common in my homestate. Then when 2007 came around it was even more noticeable. Now we are in 2014. And seeing it even more. Even seeing black guys kisses white girls in public and some people see it and they'll smile about it. I just see in 10-30 years from now our grand kids (if you born in 1980's/1990's /2000's) would be like What's Interracial?? What does that mean? I kind of predict that's what's going to happen in the far future. And i predict by 2040's the world will be about 65% of mixed kids and mixed culture families.

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I am 62 and have been fucking interracial since I was in my teens. Early on it was the forbidden factor for me and the girl I was fucking. The pill was just coming into wide spread use and STD's weren't that serious a problem. The Civil Rights Movement was in full swing. There were plenty of white females that were willing to prove they weren't prejudiced by fucking a black man. I understand even MLK partook frequently. On the downside there were still a lot of bastards running around with white hoods and some just plain red necks that were perfectly willing to beat the Hell out of or kill a black man they caught fucking or they thought was fucking a white woman. In the deep south there were instances where a black man was murdered for whistling at a white woman. There are still some people today that disapprove of interracial relationships but it has become accepted in the mainstream. I recall recently seeing a cereal commercial, I think it was for Cheerios that had a white mother, a black father and a mixed race baby. Even 10 years ago this wouldn't have been possible. In another few hundred years race won't even be an issue because there won't be much in the way of racial distinctions anymore.


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Not meaning to hijack this thread, or send it off in another direction, but the 2012 Presidential election proved that racism is still well embedded in our society. Although I knew in certain areas of the country (South for one) it still existed to some degree, racism is still very much in existence whether we choose to admit it or not. And its not just "whites" ... its all colors. Its just that its not cool to openly talk about it as it once was. Its really sickening to see parents, in front of their children, act and speak so foolishly and carelessly. Mac