Aug 12, 2010
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LOL ... now, now FB, you know I'm the comedian around here. Cute! Apr 13, 2015

    1. Ted & Jenn
      Ted & Jenn
      Hi Mac: What does that Sweet & Cordial stamp mean, and how did you get it?
      1. MacNfries
        LOL ... no one's asked that in over a year. I'm not entirely sure, actually. FunnyBunny (administrator) was playing around with some software or something ... and she gave it to me for doing some things on the website. I am actually "sweet & cordial" so says my wife occasionally.
        Sep 27, 2017
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      2. Ted & Jenn
        Ted & Jenn
        Funny Bunny sounds like a real sweetheart, and that is definitely a huge compliment to you !
        Sep 27, 2017
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      3. MacNfries
        FunnyBunny has done some awesome things to this website. I was here when they kicked this site off ... it wasn't anything like it is now. Hats off to her and her staff, I think.
        Sep 27, 2017
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    2. VINCE71
      Thx for the like
      Up for chat anytime
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      2. MacNfries
        At work, now, but catch you on at night and we'll chat.
        Sep 22, 2017
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    3. Nothungsolo
      I understand your desires. I'd love to watch you during a cuckold session.
      Thanks for the unexpected like buddy.
    5. buddy550
      I can count on you to bring some clarity and levity with all your contributions. way to go man!!
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    6. helpgetherthere
      How's it going Mac? I've been away for a while. Kind of lost interest in this fantasy but check in from time to time. When I do, I always check your post first. Lol
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      2. MacNfries
        Thanks a million for that comment; sometimes it gets lonely being one of only a handful, here, who like posting logical responses to questions asked. You just never know who's really serious and who's just enjoying a fantasy. Don't be a stranger ... Mac
        May 12, 2017
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    7. ok_couple49
      Husband here.. I must admit I enjoy your posts.. I think we are in a similar situation.. I want to have my bride blacked but want to do it 'correctly'..

      1. MacNfries
        Glad you enjoy my posts ... my wife & I agree, the color of the cock isn't all that significant to us. My wife prefers cock sizes in the 6-8" range with good girth. Huge cocks (over 8") are more novelty than added stimulation + often men with those size cocks don't really know how to use them.
        Feb 19, 2017
    8. CalichicksonBBC
      That's right!! USA USA USA!!
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    9. cuckzilla
      How u guys been going... i ws a fan of you two since i first was converted!
      1. MacNfries
        We're doing great, cuckzilla. Wife & I are focusing a lot on our teenagers these days, preparing for the college costs. I appreciate your following ... thank you.
        Jan 16, 2017
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    10. bigblackcocklover
      Your comments and post s
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    11. bigblackcocklover
      You have been quite
      1. MacNfries
        sorry, but the 4th quarter of the year is my busiest time at work; doing a lot of traveling. I'll try to catch up on weekends.
        Why, did you miss me?
        Oct 5, 2016
    12. dakotdik
      I like the reference to Firefly in your status and the thoughtful comments that you have on the forum board. It helps to have someone who puts oil on the water.
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      2. MacNfries
        Thank you for your comment & follow. I've enjoyed reading your posts as well. Some appreciate an occasional injection of reality, others are running from reality and prefer their fantasies. Some topics & questions, however, only deserve to hear the truth. There's an old saying that I changed a bit, and it goes ... "Let me live the truth, but enjoy the fantasy, and the ability to know the difference."
        Jul 9, 2016
      3. jane mintu
        jane mintu
        Jan 10, 2017
    13. Tina & Don
      Tina & Don
      Have you seen the news about Vanderbilt University, was it a fantasy gone wrong?
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      2. MacNfries
        hi guys ... hummm, you'll need to trip my memory here ... what about Vanderbilt University? The "rape" thing? Not sure; haven't stayed up on that one.
        Jun 20, 2016
    14. specialone
      Only you're worth the follow here
      1. MacNfries
        Well, thank you. I'm humbled. I just try to keep a foot in reality; lots of fantasy players here.
        Jun 19, 2016
    15. blond-bi
      I like your posts and common sense suggestions...I wish more people would follow your advice.
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      2. MacNfries
        Thank you; I just believe if someone takes the time & effort to post a question, they deserve a sincere response. I also try to be humorous occasionally, and I might fail in that effort sometimes. Take care!
        May 29, 2016
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    16. BlueEyedBeauty
      Hi. Would like to speak with you. Do you kik?
      1. MacNfries
        My Inbox is private just click on the preference you wish to establish for the chat. You're new, so welcome; it might help if you opened up your profile info to members of b2w. It appears you don't have that option checked.
        I put a comment on your first thread to help. Mac
        May 22, 2016
    17. Paulus50
      Thanks for the like, MacNfries.
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    18. superdick33
      Hey Mac how have you been bro hope all is well for you;)
    19. Mansel
      Wow. Nice your reply in Black Pregnancy). So big post).
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      2. MacNfries
        Mansel, thanks, as I said, the "fun part" of the FACT posts is challenging the writers to come up with the supportive documentation ... you wouldn't believe the comments you sometimes get from brainwashed fanaticals. Hopefully, that FUN FACTS challenge will get some posters to commenting, which help the thread survive and grow.
        Apr 20, 2016
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      3. Mansel
        Apr 20, 2016
    20. tomtomjim
      do not blame you for not posting pics or names on the net my wife worked in it for decades and would kill me if I posted a pic of her and she has never needed a pic to get a man. I imagine your wife gets her fair share when she wants and what she wants as well
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    North Carolina-USA
    Sexual Orientation:
    Caucasian (white)
    Body Type:
    6'2" (188cm)
    We're a couple in late 30s with 2 great kids, 14 & 16. We're both college educated and in professional careers.
    Sometimes participate in adult recreational activities. Mostly our involvement has been in 3-somes & couple swaps with friends. Cuckolding & blacking are fantasies of mine. Wife isn't averse to fucking a black man, we just haven't met "the right one at the right time" yet.