I love making married women cheat

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    I am a decent looking black guy, in my late 20s and educated. When I was 21,I had sex with a blonde white woman, who was separated at the time and had kids.

    Ever since then,I have been hooked on dating or f****** married women, especially white women.

    I don't find myself very interested in single ones-I am mostly chasing after married ones.And my goodness, I have slept with so many of them I cant even count.I have had one night stands,long term relationships,casual sex...I get such a thrill in chasing after and sleeping with married women.I have slept with two white ones this month alone.

    I find them at work, bars,online, groceries, parks, everywhere. I can sleep with a married woman faster than a single one. Lately,I browse for that married woman with an online profile stating that she is happily married and looking for friends or something like that.I contact her and before you know it,I have had sex with her.They sounds so innocent but in real sense,they wanna f***someone.I never lie to a woman or take advantage.

    Even when I have been married,I have targeted married women for sex.Some women loved the fact that I was married or didn't care. I am sad when some of them say their husbands( especially white ones)are not interested in f******them anymore or cant satisfy them.I just do the best I can and most of the women keep coming back for more.

    Sometimes I feel bad.But if I don't have sex with such a woman,someone else will and I'd rather be the man pleasing her.In my 40s,I am lucky my d*** is still working;let me use it while its still able to pleasure the women.

    Some husbands or men don't satisfy their women on purpose and think that those wives/women are doing without.They are not,they have hungry able men like me f****** them discreetly. If you are not f****** your woman as she wants,I bet you some guy is! Few years ago,one woman told me her husband has a low sperm count and could not get her pregnant.She found two white men to make her pregnant.He does not know the children they have are not biologically his.

    I have been married 3 times to black women and had a semi serious relationship with an ex-girlfriend. I have kids from my first wife and the girlfriend.Two of my wives cheated on me(1st and 2nd) and the girlfriend did too.My very first girlfriend cheated on me when I was 19, with a cousin of mine.

    The first wife cheated because I was cheating,the second wife cheated because I was away in another country for a couple of years and the gf cheated to get rid of me because she never liked me.I know how it hurts to get your wifef***** by someone else.I just find it easier to thrive in a social niche that needs satisfaction.As far as I know,no marriage has ended because I was f****** the wife.
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    love the post man. theres something about cumming inside a married white woman. i was fucking this one woman and i always came in her. a few hours later she wrote me saying that she still had my cum deep in her pussy while she sat on the couch next to her husband. im married to a black woman as well. i just love to fuck white pussy. plus when theyre married you dont have to worry abt them getting clingy, purely physical. im 26 and ive been fucking white pussy since i was 19
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    Sometimes the woman has the natural behavior want to cheat and tease her husband for fun.
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