I Am A Black Man Who Loves Giving White Women What They Want

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by elegance asante, Apr 3, 2014.

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    I love all women but I'm convinced that I personally are more equally yoked with white girls. I know that some white girls are just dating blacks cuz their rebelling against racist parents and some are just fantasizing about the taboo. That's cool, some black dudes are doing similar things.
    But I really want to settle down and marry a white girl . I do have what many white girls are looking for, I think, which is the stereotypical BBC but I also am more than just a big ****. I'm intelligent, I'm educating myself and I have a bright future. I also am family oriented, want children, and want to raise them in my home with their mother. If that sounds good to you, hit me up.
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    I would love to watch you fuck my wife and teach her how great a BBC feels. I want her to become a BBC craving slut wife.
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    Sounds like a winning lotto for the ladies ... maybe you ought to have all that tattoo'd on your chest or something. :)
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