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    Hy everyone. I've been here in this forum since a couple of weeks and I have to say there are a lot of great hot wife's black bulls and cuckyboys. Thx for that. My question is: it seems that we cuckyboys are tolerated here but don't have much contribution to what's going on here. I find that a type of humiliation and also o great turn on for me. Is it like that or have we cuckyboys some purpose except interducing our wife's to the bulls? Respectfully charly
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    This website is focused on black-to-white relationships. Since I've been here over 5 years now, I've seen this site change immensely ... with topics & interests that are good and some not so good. For example, whereas, you may enjoy a certain amount of humiliation from your partner or black bulls, others of us prefer a more social involvement, and in fact, find humiliation insulting and demeaning. Same with bi-sexual white guys who come here for black males, ... they have their own section. Cuckolding, in general, seems to be a popular topic, and black men with white married women particularly of interest. Some black males, here, tend to view the white male as weak and submissive, and the enjoyment of fucking their women as a form of reparation. This site simply tries to offer a range of topics of interest so each participate can pick & choose their own niche. The root thread to it all, however, is black-to-white. Hope that helps ... Mac
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