White woman in NY, 10 hours 100 catcalls

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    This is the video of the white woman walking around NY city for 10 hours getting 100 catcalls.
    It's been commented that it's mostly black men.
    The videographer explained that there where fewer white men in the video because their comments were off camera or not as loud. Seems fishy,

    just proves black men love to fuck white women.

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    I saw this vid on our news, I personally don't see it as harassment, I really don't. Its what most of us know on this site, black guys like ladies and take a chance. Ive said before in pubs and clubs here, black guys try it on where white guys hold back. But as long as they stay polite, respectful and don't get forceful or aggressive whats the problem?
    On the video if any guy stood in front of the girl and stopped her, or grabbed her or shouted nasty things I would be upset but they're not, many say 'God bless you' etc.
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    Lol, i saw this shit on MSNBC as i was sitting at work and it happened to be on the channel. It was commented on the news segment that the video was edited to show predominantly more black men making the cat calls but black men are a bit more vocal with the hunt for fresh poon-tang so it doesn't surprise me. Again she could have been walking around predominantly black areas so I would like to see a video of her walking around a predominantly young white male area too especially like an ivy-league university where those guys think money can get them anything. They would probably through a cup of beer at her if she dared walk away and not speak to them. Ive seen those guys get belligerent before.

    This video always made me laugh about them ivy-league snobs (no disrespect to cool&humble ivy-league people):

    Oh yeah and to the chic who made this video, I would do you harder than applied calculus babe. If you see this post or someone knows her tell her to get at me. Her beer (area-code)video is hot as shit too (although the rapping is bad,just turn the volume down and watch her shake them ivy-league tits-n-ass she got). She got me wanting her something bad.

    I love intelligent white woman and I don't get intimidated nor run away. Ive fucked with alot of them and Ive stimulating not only their bodies but their minds too. Tell Sarah Palin to hollar at me too. I'll have her screaming at her next campaign speech "BigBlackBull76 for President"!
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