What was your first time like?

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    My first time with a black man was suggested by a swinger friend. They told me about this guy, but told me to be careful. We contacted him and made arrangements to meet. He pulled out his dick in the parking lot and I couldn't believe how big and fat it was. We went to his place and he took charge. I've never have been fucked that hard in my life!! I was in tears but couldn't stop cumming. He didn't ask, he just did it. I was completely laid out after 2 hours of him fucking me anyway he wanted. He didn't do me anally, but told me that will come later. My hubby took pictures and filmed everything. I needed help out to the car afterwards, and when we got home, my hubby needed his turn. He said I was so loose and sloppy, he couldn't get enough. He came almost instantly. Since then, I get my black dick fix about every 8 months.
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    me and my friend
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    Hers was at work when her and a black guy opened the store up they worked at very early in the morning. When she told me she had to open up with a black guy I was a little worried and wanted her to be careful around him, soon afterwards she told me of her fantasy to try black dick and when I asked her if it was because of the guy she was opening the store with she said yes and she thought he would be more than happy to fulfill her fantasy. About a month later it happened after her wearing daisy dukes and a very revealing cotton top that showed her tits through them (this was actually planned, she also took clothes to put on before everyone else arrived that morning) after a little bit of her showing her ass off and him commenting to her that she was a hot white bitch, he did her in the ladies room bent over the sink vanity. She confessed to me that he was the best she ever had and that she came so much while he was screwing her that she felt she would always have the desire to seek black guys for fucking. Here we are years later and she has no plans of stopping yet. I never find out until afterwards that she has been screwing another black guy although when she is wearing her QOS or Black Cock Slut panties to work I pretty much can guess and lately she has wore them quite a bit.....
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    my first was a meet from a site likr this, we met for a drink and he wated to fuck me then and there i got a little scared so bottled it. i called him the next night late on when i was feeling horny and asked him to meet me, i drove there got out my car in boots and underwear bent over the back of the car and said fuck me hard. he pulled down my knickers and drove his fat cock balls deep making me scream! never before had i been filled like that it both hurt and felt fantastic! my pussy was sore and stretched for days I LOVED IT
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    My first time was when I was in the Canadian militia. My first summer away, I was 19, met a guy who worked in the kitchens who was 35. We hung out alot, and one night after drinking in the messhall with some friends he asked me to go for a walk with him. I knew what he had in mind and though I had a bf at the time I went anyway. I remember it was such a warm night, very bright from the moon. He led me to a bench far from the rest of the barracks where we sat down and chatted. I was so nervous but more than ready!! He told me to kneel between his knees so he could rub my shoulders, but when I knelt facing away, he said no I meant kneel facing me. I felt so flushed and didnt know what to do but he took complete control. It was only a few seconds before he had his cock out and in my mouth. I still remember how much of a shock it was to feel and see how big it was!! So thick, and so sexy. A bj for my bf lasted 15 seconds, and he was cumming on my top, but this guy was a so different. After the initial surprise of what was happening I just let myself go and sucked that sexy cock. When he was about to cum I pulled away but he just pulled me back and said take it. I put the head in while he came and he kept saying take it over and over and I did, swallowing his thick salty cum. It was heavan for me and the begining of a fun summer of many walks!!!
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    has anyone caught someone they know family,friends,work colleagues,neighbours,getting bbc. How, when,where and what was your reaction.
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    My first time was when I was in high school. I was at a school event and went to the parking lot with this hot black guy I knew. We started kissing and touching and when I went to run my hand on his stomach I realized his cock was sticking up out of his pants and under his shirt. I knew guys got big but I had no idea they got that big. I was excited and scared at the same time. He asked me to suck him which I did. I remember asking him how big he was and he said eleven inches. My boyfriend at the time was about half that! He fucked me in the back seat of my dad's car and it was my introduction to black cock. I told my husband about this experience after we had been married and it turned him on to the lifestyle which we enjoy today. My second black cock was shortly after I graduated from high school and a friend and I went on a cruise. There were lots of hot young black men working on the ship and I became friendly with one in particular. He said it would cost him his job if they found out we were meeting but we were careful. Over the course of the week he fucked me two or three times a day in my cabin while my friend was out on the deck. He had a big cock too although not as big as my high school lover. I kept in touch with him after the cruise and for about a year when his ship was in port we would go out for the evening and it always ended with a good black cock fucking session. We eventually lost touch but I remember that big dick very well!

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    Like we said in a reply before he fuck me good on our boat while my hubby was on his jet ski.But he went home with us and I thought my man had passed out and we were fucking like mad people and hubby was watching part of it.We fucked for about four hours.
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    My first time was wanderful!!!!