What personality traits to most cuckold wives have in common?

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    My wife and I joined this site a while ago when our efforts to have a cuckold relationship looked promising. Things stagnated and look less promising now, and I wonder if I should conclude that she just doesn't have the right personality traits. We're both grad students in our early 30s.

    She's working on her PhD and she's very independent. She is trying to establish a postdoc at NASA, and she spent two months last fall in Antarctica, in a tent on the ice, doing research. She hates being told what to do, and she holds others to a very high standard. If she has a submissive side, it's deeply hidden.

    She has been on dozens of dates in the last four years, and her experience has been almost exactly the same in every case. She asks the guy about himself and he spends an hour talking about his job at a shoe store. He asks about her and she mentions her research and says that she recently returned from Antarctica. He stares at her vacantly for a moment, like he doesn't understand her language, and he does not ask any questions. He starts talking about this guy he knows, who owns a big dog. She leaves early and comes home disgusted.

    A lot of women on this site seem to have a submissive side and really enjoy sex with a dominant, well-endowed bull. My wife doesn't. She enjoys sex but she needs an intellectual connection and she doesn't want to be submissive. Are certain personality traits necessary? Can a woman with my wife's personality ever enjoy the cuckold lifestyle? Has anyone had a similar experience?
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    It's her life, she can enjoy anything she wants. Set the rules between you two, what both of you expect from a cuckolding relationship then find the people who will help you experience this.
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    Women want to get laid. It`s in their nature. Still it is more about filling the gap between the widespread conventional societal role of a woman and her personality than the gap between her thighs. ;) A challenge that needs to be tackled foremost by her husband or boyfriend by supporting her with that, not herself, to start off with. So, the more appropriate question would be "What personality traits are a foundation for making a good wifesharing husband?" And do you think you have those traits?

    Really? How many unsatisfying intimate encounters with "dominant, well-endowed bulls" has she had so far?

    That she "enjoys" sex is a good hint she never had that kind of mind-blowing fulfilling sex that leaves her almost passed out and wasted and deeply satisfied. With a skilled dominant man she doesn`t need to "want to be submissive", he just leads her into that role. And as long as she feels comfortable, safe and secure and has her rewarding moments too, she will eagerly take on that role (and her hidden submissive side), i promise. ;)

    Especially people who are dominant and independent in their everyday lives often feel the need for a complement and find switching roles within sexual play a true relief. jm2ct`s.