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Why haven't you gone through with it yet?

  1. Wife knows about my fantasy, but won't do it

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  2. Wife doesn't know about my fantasy

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  3. I'm scared to lose her to a black man

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  4. I'm scared it will ruin our relationship

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  5. I'm scared someone will find out

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  1. circusill

    circusill Active Member

    there's a lot of wannabe cuckolds here. guys who fantasize about watching their wives with black men. They are obviously turned on by cuckolding and masturbate to it. They imagine their wives/girlfriends having sex with black men.

    Why haven't you gone through with it yet? Why haven't you made your fantasy a reality yet?
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  2. MacNfries

    MacNfries Well-Known Member Sweet & Cordial Gold Member

    Because some people are wise enough to know when to leave something a "fantasy". ;)
  3. willsrvu

    willsrvu Administrator Real Person Gold Member

    Unless BOTH halves of the couple are in agreement and have a true desire to do it, it should be left alone.

    My Wife has no real current desire to be with another man, so we don't go there, even though she has said she would if I really wanted her to do it to satisfy my own fantasy of seeing her with another man. She has been with other men, mostly black men, before we met, so it wouldn't be anything new for her. Unless she has a true desire to enjoy sex with another man, woman or have a threesome, I don't want her to do it.
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  4. circusill

    circusill Active Member

    why not make it a reality?
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  5. paulj93

    paulj93 Well-Known Member Real Person Gold Member

    It drives me wild, almost losing control, but my wife won't and I'm not going to push it any more, just revel in my obsession.