Sex in public places


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An ex boyfriend of mine felt special attraction to have sex in public places. He was not pure afro, he was crossed-breed between afro, italian and shouth aboriginal.
I didn't know how could it be and he seduced me to do it.
We had sex two times in public places. One time over a bus, travelling by Rio (Brazil) and the second time in a swimming pool from a club. Both of them were so plased experiences and we were almost alone in both cases.
He was so potent and viril and he was able to keep his penis erected all the time. He made me cum in the bus and the swimming pool too. The only problem was that we couldn't express all the pleasure that we were feeling in that moment, (shouting or gasping) because another people near us could hear us and we could be found, so we must to repress our respective cums.
Have you ever had experiences like mine?


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There is something primal about sex in public. Unfortunately having my personal life in the public eye could be very counter productive for me. But it does make for some erotic fantasies. For those that do have sex in public I would hope that you thoroughly enjoy yourselves, outrage a few people and NOT get arrested
I like the thrill of possible discovery, especially being black and having sex with white women. I fucked a cute 18 y/o brunette twice in the back hallway of a NJ shopping mall where I once worked years ago. Another time a wife of a white couple i met started giving me a blow job in the parking lot of an adult book store in Burns Harbor, Indiana then we went to a motel and spent the rest of the night fucking. I also fucked a young blond i was dating in our rental car parked on a side street in San Francisco. Then another time anothe beautiful blond that a was seeing sat on my cock while we were sitting on the back porch of my town house in the early morning hours. that last incedent was awesome. I was just wearing shorts with no underwear and she had on a dress with no panties. She was sitting on the step below me and reach up behind herself and started rubbing my cock. When she got me rock hard, she pull my cock out, stood up, lifted the back of her dress and slid down onto my cock. Even though I had been in her sweet pussy many times before, that one time her pussy felt extra incredible. I think it was just the thrill of being outside where if my neighbors awoke a came out of their homes, they would clearly be able to see what wee were doing. It is quite possible some were watching us through close curtains and blinds.