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Question for the guys...

My preference is...

  • The fewer partners the better

    Votes: 5 11.9%
  • The more partners the better

    Votes: 9 21.4%
  • It doesn't matter at all

    Votes: 14 33.3%
  • It depends on the relationship I expect to have with her

    Votes: 14 33.3%

  • Total voters


Sweet & Cordial
Gold Member
Nope ... not at all. In fact, the night my wife and I started dating ( while in college ) she had just had "breaking up" sex with her boyfriend and I was introduced to my first creampie sex. One thing is important, however; if I knew she had had many, many sex partners, I would want to confirm that she didn't have any "life long" stds, like herpes, that I would have to deal with for the life of the relationship.

To me, when a relationship starts, its what happens moving forward that counts. And, if it's to last, its got to be built on a foundation of trust & honesty. Mac :)


Real Person
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I'm with Mac on this, except that the STD testing gets done regardless of it being only one or one hundred partners, as there is no way of knowing what that one may have been doing.
This especially, considering the lifestyles the Wife and I have led, as it was important that we both knew neither of us were bringing more to the table than we were bargaining for.

Over a dozen years later this is still one of the absolute limits we maintain if she wishes to bring anyone else into our relationship, even if not in a directly sexual way, as many of the BDSM practices can be just as intimate as actual sex is and bodily fluids can also become exchanged inadvertently.

Mac's last statement is even more important, as ours was a D/s, BDSM relationship from the beginning and honesty and trust are paramount for such a relationship to last and grow. Happily, love developed over the years and we progressed from being simply Mistress and submissive to becoming Wife and husband as well!
Ιt's not just the number of lovers she had but also how she had them. If she had a good amount of lovers, she gained experiences and turned to be positive for her I find it ideal and prefer it from a woman with lesser experiences. Of course, if a woman is interesting and I like her as a person and as a woman her sexual experiences are not the most important thing. They can usually change...:)
I don't think it overly matters, I personally think the more the better. I like it if my lover has had a bit of experience in the past which would hopefully make her more open minded and maybe a better lover.
When I met my first wife, she had been with others. She was only eighteen when me we married, but she'd had experience. I was in the military and she lived with her brother and sister in-law who were swingers. We met on Guam. The ratio of men to women on the island was like four hundred to one. Before actually meeting my first wife, I had seen her in the barracks on many occasions. I met her a day after the eighth time I had seen her gang banged in the rec room of one of the barracks.

We met through a mutual friend. The fact that she was a slut is what attracted me to her. And finding out that for over a year she had gone to the barracks most every night made me want her even more. We met at the bowling alley on base, oddly enough just after I had sucked a guy in the bathroom that I later found out she'd fucked many times. We talked and got to know each other that night, and I spent the night with her at her house. I met her brother and sister in-law that night as well. They had two couples over to play. I didn't have sex with my first wife that night, but I got to watch her with others that night. And that made me fall for her.

The next day, after I had come off duty , I walked into my room and my room mate was fucking some girl. It turned out to be the woman I ended up marrying. I watched the two of them fuck for about ten minutes until my room mate pulled out of her and put his cock in her mouth and came. My room mate pulled his cock out of her mouth and told me, "she's all yours." I looked at her, cum still on her lips and asked if I could kiss her. She said yes. When we kissed, I knew I wanted her. It was right after we kissed that I asked her to marry me. To my surprise she said, "Yeah, what the hell. Why not?"

We met on a Monday night, where I watcher her with the couples. The following day we kissed. We got married that same Friday afternoon. She and I didn't have sex until after we got married. Yet, that day we kissed and I proposed and that Wednesday and Thursday and Friday morning before we got married, my wife-to-be got gang banged. When I picked up my wife-to-be on our wedding day, she had just had sex with two of the guys I worked with. We got married by the justice of the peace. The two guys who had just fucked her and her brother and sister in-law were witnesses at our wedding.

To me, it was very important that she had been with others. It was what attracted me to her. That is also the reason that I got my current wife gang banged shortly after we got together.


Gold Member
Who she has been with before me is irrelevant. I just need a clean medical before having any intimate contact. If a woman wants to discuss her past I'm OK with that as long as she isn't obsessive. I never, ever compare a woman to others that have shared my bed. Since my strong preference is for mature women that know what they want and what they are doing any woman in my bed with have likely had several partners. Then I have had a few women in their 40's that have never fucked anyone other than their husbands until they have shared my bed.
In life we take a chance in everything we do. There is an old saying. So if we sleep with a women who had multiple partners then we sleep eith them. Be careful I might sleep with you too. Lol


Staff member
Real Person
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Hi guys,

I'm just wondering... Does it matter to you how many partners a woman has had before you?

Thanks. :)
Interesting answers and points of view...

I really don't care how many partners a woman has had, as long as she is free of diseases. I was active in the swinger lifestyle for about 7 years, and obviously none of the women that I was with during that time were "pure".

I always find it quite hypocritical when guys say they want a woman who is a virgin or who hasn't had many partners when they want to fuck everything that moves.


Real Person
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I always find it quite hypocritical when guys say they want a woman who is a virgin or who hasn't had many partners when they want to fuck everything that moves.
More importantly, except to hide their own short comings (physically and ability) from someone who knows better, why would someone want a woman that has zero knowledge about sex?
I much prefer being with a woman who has experience, knows her body, isn't afraid to tell me what makes it go HUMMMMMMM as well as knowing what to do with mine to make me feel good. :)

Personally, I think those radical Muslim suicide bombers deserve having to spend eternity with 3o virgins. Young ones, very spoiled, bratty young virgins. :devil::D

I hope I do well enough to deserve spending eternity with one outrageously good mature slut! :)