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Single and looking for that one... Jun 13, 2015

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      iam uncircumcised 2-3'' long limp small ballsack 6''long x 5 inches around hard long foreskin covers my cockhead with a boner shaved asshole to belly button you?
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      unkut stud
      we have the same fantasys and desires dude! you have a little cock and small ballsack too?
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        small stick large stones
        Jan 6, 2013
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    Mar 21, 1970 (Age: 47)
    Monterey, Ca
    To make money
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    Caucasian (white)
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    5'11" (180cm)
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    It's tough finding a single woman who has that interracial kink even tougher to find a woman who gets turned on by the thought of letting her man watch her with a man let alone a black guy, and even way more tougher to find a woman who gets turned by the thought of making her boyfriend/husband be bi-submissive to her and her black bull in the bedroom because she also gets off on watching. This has only been a fantasy with me so far in real life to be submissive and bi-sexual for me girlfriend/wife and I have never been with another guy or have ever been touched or touched another man in any sexual way. Yet I fantasize about being this way for her because it turns her on. I'm clean and STD free and HIV negative, bug free and always have been and its going to stay that way, no kids that I know of consider myself to be just a normal white guy, pretty Alpha male if you knew or met me.. But for some crazy reason in fantasy only so far, I want to be stripped naked of my clothes, be put into a cb-6000s chastity cage and then to be made into a bi-submissive cuckold by my girlfriend/wife once in awhile, not something I want all the time. But, once in awhile my wife/girlfriend wants me to undress till I am naked in front of her and her black bull, make me get on my knees spread apart wearing that cb-6000s cage submissively with my hands behind my head and then give her black bull a blow job until he has an orgasm making me swallow all of his cum for her. I'm not into any other type of contact with the black male, no kissing, no feet, no ass licking, none of that stuff. I'm not a sissy nor do I wear or ever will wear female clothes or make-up. I'm a pretty normal guy except for that kink of wanting a girlfriend/wife who is turned on by the thought of watching her boyfriend/husband be sexually dominated by her black bull once in awhile, besides letting him watch or join in sometimes in her being done by him. You have to be hygienically clean & STD free, physically fit and photogenic and love to pose for my camera eye, be spontaneous, love to travel, from taking a walk on a beach a few miles away on a stormy night, to taking a drive down the coast to hike Big Sur for the day, to laying around all day out in the sun reading a book to dressing up for a romantic dinner up in San Fransisco to snooping around in museums or shooting some targets or even just to kick back in the house wearing sweats, watching movies all day. Know your a classy lady and can look it while dealing with others in public and get turned standing by my side knowing that I know your a slut in our bedroom. Be loyal, as I will be to you. Be confident and sane...