Do you prefer wife alone or with her husband

Do you prefer to fuck a wife alone or would you rather fuck her in front of her cuckold hubby. Do you like to have the hubby just watch or clean up your load and should all cuckolds suck cock
I prefer being alone with my lovers when they fuck me!But I let my husband watch if my lover is ok with it.After all,he is my husband and I enjoy him watching as his wife gives away my married pussy to be pounded and filled with black mens cum!
nice my wifes name is pam as well and she likes getting fucked are you petite, looks like it
My wife has been fucking black guys since before we were married and has continued during our 19 year marriage. I've never been in the room with them, of course she's known the guys she fucks so it's safe. It's not that I don't want to be with, the opportunity has just never presented itself. It's coming though. And speaking of cumming... I'll eat her leaking pussy filled with his/their cum, I'm just not going to suck his cock.
No. This was his fantasy that we played out over the past year. Has turned out to be fun. No jealousy
From experience you can arrange things pretty much however you like, type of lover, size of cock and even age. Pam loved me licking her while she got fucked so it was very intimate, was not how it started but things changed. You sound lie a very strong woman.
He doesn't lick me after Not his thing. The most he has participated is one time he helped inserting black into me. Very weird. My date that night asked him to do it but I was stunned not sure He expected it and just reacted. It was nice for me
I started out listening outside the room but soon was next to the bed and then asked to clean and soon after that asked to suck, neither of which I wanted to do. I became very easy and willing to accommodate. The woman is in charge even if it is the mans fantasy and you can guide things to have more excitement and pleasure for you and husband if you chose. Most people on here will say that the woman is not dominant and there is a taboo about dominant women in our society but there is nothing more submissive for a man to do than accept his wife fucking other men and once a man submits he will do whatever the wife leads him to
I am the one in charge till sex begins. We don't have much say in what happens during sex
I think most women are in charge and they are content to give some up when the sex begins and just like to lay back and enjoy. Have you ever thought about what you could do or would like to try. Are you in charge in general
I don't have to agree to sex. When sex starts its different. He is in control and much stronger and moves me around till he is comfortable. And I like that. It's very comforting and safe
I understand what you are saying, I have found that once I start most women are content to let me do as I wish as long as it feels good. But as you say you do not like hair pulling so there are limits. I am sure you know your own mind and body