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Breed all you wish as long as you don't come looking for food stamps and government subsidies from hard working tax payers to help support your breeding. I have 2 kids of my own, both starting college in the next 5-6 years ... I have no desire to pay for someone else's. And, raising kids are EXPENSIVE ... my family food bill, alone, is over $400 a week.
Mac, good point. It's a fantasy for a lot of people but the reality is that when the fun is over, a major committment is made that isn't a fantasy. When the guy moves on, the work begins and that's not what a lot of people who talk about this really understand. We're working on this for a number of reasons. Sure there is attraction but also, we really think bi-racial children are beautiful (but all really are when you get down to it) and he has fertility issues in his 40s and she is in her 20s. So we have to get a donor so we're just picking what we see as the perfect baby and avoiding the expense and headache of going to doctors to conceive. Maybe more than one. So when it happens, we'll be miserable, broke, but happy - as we are sure you are with your kids too.
It does happen, sometimes by choice and then its by oooops! we have several friends we have gotten into the lifestyle who had both. One ruined the marriage the other enhanced it. We also had a few SWF we have gotten into the lifestyle and after about a year or two well they show up pregnant LOL.