Am I getting addicted? :D

Well, imasking myself this question...Am i watching and talking and thing too much about interracial?
Cause when I walk through my City and see nice ladies and girls, my first thought is, if she already had a big black cock...I dont even think about having her by myself, only if she would suck blacks...

Am i getting too addicted??

HELL YEAH!! And i love it :)


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Am i getting too addicted??
HELL YEAH!! And i love it :)
Tommy, I think you may be taking too lightly that you could have a behavioral type issue. You may want to read up on addictions, and more specifically Behavioral Addictions, because addictions are basically self-destructive, causing negative consequences in normal, personal relationships with other people, your work/job, your finances, etc. Eventually you realize (down the road) that you're not making any real, life goal accomplishments, and frustration and other behavioral issues start popping up.
Here are some articles you might wish to read.
sm-4-leaf-clover.png .....Good Luck!