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Alexalso a fake bitch married to a dickless husband

i will post whatever i want at anytime i want. most of you are fake with fake pics and profiles. a lot of gay white guys pretending to be black or a woman. in your case your a loser and are married to a loser dickless husband. your ugly too because you hide your face. come to los angeles bitch i'll have you fucked in the ass pussy mouth by a large group of hung brothas right in front of the cameras too. fuck you got it fuck you. i see these other polls/threads on here and they are pathetic. i post actual polls/threads on what a lot of people have said over the years. posers all the way who live on here. sad lonely people with no life. YOUR A CUNT AND FUCK OFF GOT IT BITCH FUCK YOU AND ALL THE REST ON HERE WHO INSULT ME!!!
" note to self " invent a mental health filter for web sites, i could make a fortune from you mister cuckold.
i know you others can only post stupid polls on here but not me. at least my polls are fact. you need metal health because i got some big brothas waiting to fuck you up the ass while your dickless hubby watches. and once again, fuck you