53 and about to get 33yo


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I feel a little guilty he is almost as young as my oldest son. Any ideas as to how to get that off my brain. I am struggling here g
Ladies and guys and I have 1 hour before we meet him so HELP
I took the time to read some of your older post before replying. It seems to me that you have worked through every concern you have up to this point. If age is the last thing holding you back at this stage, you and your husband are good to go. As the saying goes "age ain't nothing but a number" if this 33 yr old man has what you are looking for just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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Go with gusto

My wife who is 46 has a regular bull who is 30 and he looks like he is in high school

He fucks her brains out and leaves her wanting more

He does not use condoms and can shoot big loads multiple times

The advantage of younger bulls also his recovery time is shorter and is able to go for round two quickly

Ease let is know how it went