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Mar 2, 2013
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Sex Trainer for Women (single & attached)


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Taking Requests to Teach a Sex Class - any city on East Coast - Must have a minimum of 25 people. PM me for details Jan 21, 2017

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Mar 29, 2017 at 10:37 PM
    1. Dkr
      You have a great attitude and overall outlook. A humble kind man. Appreciate!
      1. hungteacher
        thank you - you asked really honest and thoughtful questions, its great to talk to people like you.
        Mar 4, 2017
        Dkr likes this.
    2. Dkr
      I messaged you
    3. hungteacher
      Taking Requests to Teach a Sex Class - any city on East Coast - Must have a minimum of 25 people. PM me for details
    4. firedogg81
      hi like your profile
    5. sub1jack
      Nice profile, thanks for the chat today.
    6. Moneyb504
      Love the pic
      1. hungteacher
        thanks. I frequently have women ask me to train them in sex, love and life. Im not training anyone right now, but open to new trainees.
        Dec 12, 2016
      2. Moneyb504
        That's good to know but im a single male
        Dec 12, 2016
    7. MARCUS1989
      Perfect tits!!!! You're so sexie and hot!!!
    8. Kingcond
      If there's a bull group can I be invited?
      1. hungteacher
        If I start a bull group, yes, but you guys have no trouble meeting
        Aug 22, 2016
    9. bananacock
      Can u invite Banana_Beez to the couples group and female sub. Or BananazPeel to femaale sub
    10. Johnm
      I would like to join the cuckold group in nyc what is your kik to join?
    11. WhiteHubby30
      I want to learn please
    12. newlover2010
      please pm us the couple group love to join
    13. Bellaazz
      Id love to join your cuckold group if you need any cucks in Ohio
      1. maccachew and Tee Cee like this.
    14. shellynbil
      We would love a teacher
    15. ImpudentFinger
      Hello, I ran across your ad seeking single cucks in our area. I'm a white 35 year old male with a graduate degree and I've been single for a long time. I'd like to know more about how to go about finding the QoS that I hope to marry and raise a family with.

      1. maccachew likes this.
    16. chris john
      chris john
      any help would be great...
    17. clauss
      happy new year
      we are new in this life style.
      hope you can teach us more
      thank you very much
      my wife curious to try but little shy
      hope to hear from you.
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    18. 845sexy
      Very interested please contact me
    19. hungteacher
      I am on Fetlife, and ran a photo contest for Thanksgiving - thru Sunday 11:59pm...if you are interested, look at avatar and send PM
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    20. wantabe65
      I would love for you to teach my wife...I will not lie or pretend that she is willing at this point. But I can tell you that I know that she likes smart well dressed black men. A teacher would be a huge plus. I think with her she has the desire and the want and need. But is more afraid of what others would think if she ever got caught taking a lover. Black brown or she is a work in progress.
      1. hungteacher
        I think what is often overlooked by a lot of men is that women are highly sexual in nature. Women are very loyal and also very ethical. For a married woman to fuck another man, she has to feel that hubby is 100% behind her and afterward, he wont turn around and pout about it. Unfortunately being a cuck, is a catch-22 she knows that you're a whiny little sissy bitch.
        Jul 31, 2015
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  • About

    Home Page:
    New York, NY, United States
    Sex Trainer for Women (single & attached)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Body Type:
    5'11" (180cm)
    Want to meet:
    • Women
    • Couples
    Looking for:
    • Sexy chat/Email
    • Phone/Web cam sex
    • Photo/Video exchange
    • 1-on-1 sex
    • Threesome
    • Dominance & Submission
    Latest Update: (Winter 2017) The FAQs:
    1- How hung am I? Typically 7.5, unless the woman is truly skilled and talented, then at full erection I'm 8 inches with big round, thick head.
    2- Q: Am I really a teacher? A: Not anymore. Former college professor, I would rather keep the rest discreet, unless we meet.
    3. What do I get out of all this? 1, I like to network. I like to meet new people, i like to make new friends. 2. I like to teach women and couples how to have better sex. 3. I like to fuck sexy women.

    Since Dec 2016, I have met 3 women who all requested the same thing:
    Can you teach me and/or my husband how to develop a cuckold relationship?

    I am also teaching an online free course helping single and married women have better orgasms, better sex, and explore fantasies.

    I am very very selective about doing personal sex teaching, with a woman 1 on 1, only because there are some crazy people out there and I'm no drama.

    The reality is that for many women Ive been with, I have been the largest cock they have felt inside them. I know I'm not the biggest even on this site, which says to me, there must be a lot of men with small cocks.

    If you are interested in talking, please just email me.

    1/5/17 : Met with a semi-attached woman, hoping to develop her relationship into a Cuckold one. Our chat coined the nickname for me "The Cuck Whisperer"

    The Cuck Whisperer

    So, I have 10 years of experience with training cuckolds and fucking wives and gfs. Its a long process, but in the end, everyone is 200% happy because the cuck loves watching his woman get fuckced and the woman doesnt want to have to make an excuse as to why she wants more than 1 cock.

    I am straight, not bi or curious, so i like women only for sex. I am ok with cuckolds watching.

    I dont charge anything for what i do, because i do love it, but please be considerate of my time, and if you feel that I've done a good job, a tip or a gift would not be too much to ask for.

    Last-Most Important
    My ethnic Background - I am MIXED. Please again, I am mixed. I am part African and part Russian. So in society, i am considered white, but i am Part/Part. If that is a problem for you, please just go to the next profile.
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