The submissiveness of whites

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  1. Karla

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    I am curious about the submissivenes white women feel around black men. Is it the effective way black men project superiority to others that does the trick?

    White men say the same words, but white women, white wives especially seem to accept their role as under the domination of blacks with enthusiasm and relish. When she is commanded to kneel and suck I see little hesitation, and it doesn't take more than a glance to let her know I wasn't just asking.

    White men, even those who profess to be dom seem to fold at the slightest sign of a clash with a black alpha male. Hell, I've used the 'fear' to deal with situations in line at the movies with the same attitude I give to a husband who shows signs of interfering with the use of his wife once we start.

    Women, what is it that makes you submit to the black man's cock?
  2. frank

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    Asian women are torn between modernity and feminism and their century old custom to obey to men. Women rebel against their husband but need to obey to a man that they are not living with. black men fill that void, Balck men with their size and their big cocks command fear and submission
  3. Tempesto

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    Karla, I am sooooooo glad that you posted this, and am wondering what white women will write in response! There is something abstract and palpable about Black men and white women in this regard. And speaking as a white man, this is a one way street. Black women have no such feeling of deference to white men. Further, on all the cuckold site and forums I watch it is a preponderance of white men that seek to be cuckolded and rarely a Black male. In my own case I would be MUCH more comfortable if my wife (I am single seeking) were cuckolding me with a Black man rather than a white one. For me it has something to do with the taboo and especially the chance of her getting pregnant, thus 'outing' me.

    Anyway, I write erotica that is cuckoldry themed with Black males and white women. I used to post on Literotica until the hate mail got out of control. You can see my stories here: - Members - nocluescooby - Submissions

    The Cathleen Encouraged series might be of special interest. Please feel free to contact me here if you would care to offer any thoughts from a female perspective on this topic.


    P.S. I checked out your photo album . . . you are a SERIOUS hottie!!!!! Thank you for posting!!!!
  4. tred

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    As a white man who offers his girlfriend to black men for breeding, I can help answer some of your question.

    White women, and white men like me, understand that woman are put on Earth for the sole purpose of breeding, and we all know that no one can breed with the dominance, aggression and strength as does the black men. Black men know how to breed and they know what white women and their boyfriends and husbands are on Earth to do, service the black men.

    When black men breed my girlfriend, I do exctly as I am told. sometimes I am allowed to watch, sometimes I am ordered to suck the black men's cock clean after breeding, and sometimes I am ordered to suck the black men's asshole clean while he breeds my girlfriend. I do all of these things without a moment of hesitation, because the black men is my superior as well as the owner of my white trash woman.

    There is nothing more personally rewarding to Jennifer and me, than to serve black men in every way they demand, and when they show their appreciation by filling Jennifer with their cum
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  5. Erin

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    It is a lot of things, from physique to appearance to the voice and tone, but it is mostly attitude and the way black men approach sex. Sex with white guys is all politically correct, but sex with a black man is one hundred percent about servicing his needs and wants. From the moment the opportunity appears imminent, I know I am going to service him, and he does too. The only thing that remains to be discovered is what service he requires. How he wishes to use me, if you will. I know I am going to give him whatever he wishes, and again, he knos it also. Therefore he does not hesitate, he simply takes what it is that he wants in whatever manner he wants. The act will be decisive, not politically correct. No "do you like this" or "what do you like" involved in sex with a black man, it is "get on your knees and suck it, bitch" or "bend over and give me your fat ass" or he simply pushes you onto your back and spreads your legs wide and shoves it in.

    And let me tell you, being fucked is far more sexually stimulating then making love.
  6. shazne

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    im afraid of black men and my wife knows it so she loves to take an alpha black man to humiliate me as
    she knows i just accept it and tremble when she brings them home .
  7. boo

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    my wife tells me it is the black mans animal appearance..she has a freind who is dating a black dude and the guy is great in bed with a huge cock..
  8. One Small Dick

    One Small Dick Well-Known Member Gold Member

    The black man knows what he wants and he knows he can get it from the white females. Rough sex is the black mans trademark and he realizes that he is somewhat limited in that aspect with his black females as they are more apt to not allow him to do everything he may like or want to try. This is where the white females fit into the grand scheme of things.

    The black man can control the white girls and do as he pleases with them. He can try all the things that his black females won't allow. His rough with white girl experimentation's become more erotic and pleasing to him simply because he can do what he wants and try what he wants while enjoying the view of their bright white skin tone that has always been so elusive to him. It becomes addictive to both the black man and the white females but in different ways.

    For him the addiction stems from going for so many years without receiving much more than the time of day from the attractive white females to now being able to do to them whatever he can dream up as interesting, entertaining, degrading or humiliating with little to no effort being exerted. It is beginning to be a near perfect world for him with plenty of high end advantages around every corner and between every set of pretty white legs.

    For the white female the addiction begins more as a switch in her sexual activity from routine and average to unique and exciting. She is experiencing sexual satisfactions that she has never really had before. With the white boys sex is more of a gentle and tender time that requires her to approve or permit each action. But sex with the black man has none of that. She is control with the white boys but she loses that with the black guys. She no longer tells how it will be, but instead she gets told how it will be. She is not asked "would this be Ok". Instead she is told to do it, like it or not.

    This opens up a door inside her to let her be the slut she was meant to be with absolutely no strings attached or regrets to worry about. No worries about what someone will say or think if she were to do that in front of them. Certain actions she may perform would be considered pure shock by many is actually expected by the black man. She is able to let go and do whatever she is told to do with no pressures involved. No hesitations needed beforehand to evaluate. Just relax and submit. It is so much easier and so much more enjoyable to be taken and used instead of being asked for permission and then disappointed as a result.
  9. Mandy

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    wow one small dick, you nailed it and took the words right out of my mouth. Black men take us to another place, plain and simple. They embody brute force in a physical sense too, and as a woman i want a MAN who takes charge, instead of a man who asks and is unsure about everything. I believe that the collective minds of white guys are insecure and yes many of my ex bf's and even my brothers and father had a strong dislikefor black guys, but the contempt was merely masking a deep inadequacy which turned to fear
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  10. cuckyboi23

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    One small dick and Mandy are right about the submissiveness of many of us white guys.
    For me there is the tinged element of fear as we take a new lover on, my girl and I like a little roughplay too and for us the fantsy and reality works best with a dominant black guy.
  11. cuckyboi23

    cuckyboi23 Member

    And of course it turns me on greatly seeing her not only enjoy herself but also recieve a little discipline from her bull!
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  12. arthur carey

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    I recently saw a white boy in a near confrontation with a Black Man, but before it got out of hand the white boy backed down and apologized and then practically begged the Black Man not to hurt him. In the past I have been in these same positions and always found myself backing down. I finally realized that my white brain was somehow programmed to obey Black Men and Black Women. I think it’s a deep rooted inner voice in us whites that makes us know when we are addressing a Superior. Anytime I address a Black Man or Black Woman I am humble and very polite because I can feel Their dominion over me. It is the same with white women. They naturally obey Black Men because they have no choice. They can feel His awesome presence so they are compelled to obey.
  13. MWC4BLK

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    Hummm, interesting although I think it's merely because we want what they got and we seeze the opportunity when it presents itself. If we continued to argue with him, while all the time we are really wondering what he has in his pants, then we may ruin a perfect chance at getting what we all want, beautiful black cock!!!!!
  14. waynerobertson

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    Whe would you want to argue when the white couple KNOWS what they want . . . her to fucked and him to watch and clean them both. EVERYBODY gets what they want and more. Besides, its in the best interests that everybody is polite and friendly.
  15. Ruby's cuck

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    I'm late to this party but I'll chime in,

    On the internets I've seen and heard it all- from Afro racial superiority to white guilt -it seems all are looking to pigeon-hole this activity. Explain the mystique. From my perspective, growing up among black folks my whole life in the deep South, I've found that black men, just like all humans, run the spectrum. From dorks to real cool brothas to low life thugs. Our culture and our history in the U.S. dictate a taboo that stirs up all kinds of passions. At the same time the country ended the practice of slavery (which was already in decline). The ironies are many.

    Back to your point Karla- it's not just the gals that are submissive and more effiminate around certain black men. Growing up playing sports I saw the physical image of the black boys I grew up around and watched some of them develop into sexy black men. And when we started hitting puberty I experienced all the pleasures of black cock so I know of what I speak. There is a large percentage of adult white men who submit and a significant number of those white males will submit sexually to the black man. Some men got it, and some men...pout.

    And Arthur, this link is to a popular thread of whiteboy beatdowns:

    As you all know, the boundries of sexuality are infinite. Have a great hump-day y'all.
  16. justdouss

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    so, are you going to let her get up with him?? My hubby's biggest fantasy is to see me with a black man with another white woman 3some.
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  18. Southernbbc

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    Hello every one, sorry I am late to the discussion but I will throw in my 2 cents...As a Black man(especially in the US) we are conditioned from day 1 that every day is a fight for have to compete against your siblings, your friends, your co-workers and against your's like we are in a constant state of combat readiness! That sense of readiness translate itself very clearly in the bedroom...White women tend to understand that immediately! They KNOW that they HAVE to submit their mind, body and very to soul to properly please a Black man...I may have been raised right with manners and such but when it comes to matters of the sexual nature, I don't ask...I demand!
  19. Orion Pax

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    We are just a domiant race from women and men! Anything hyou mix with lack sperm, will cme out 95% black! Alot of people fear that....... Don't go against the grain simple and plain! Either your going to get down, or your going to lay down!
  20. Orion Pax

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    Sorry for my spelling people! Trying to watch the game!