Jun 10, 2015
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October 29
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Will be uploading some new media later, our regular BBC is coming round to service Mrs inked for the night, pity there is no live video? Oct 14, 2016

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      Love the pics guys
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      Thank you for the follow! ((((smile))))
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      Thank you for following me, hope to arrange a meet soon
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    5. blackcocklondon
      I have had ladies (single, married, in a relationship) who on their break at the office, before they head to work, after office hours or bored at home just want a quickie.

      thanks xxxx

      My website:
    6. inkedangels
      Will be uploading some new media later, our regular BBC is coming round to service Mrs inked for the night, pity there is no live video?
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    8. inkedangels
      Just been told Mrs inked is staying with her BBC this Monday night at his♠️ Got hard straight away
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    9. inkedangels
      Well Amsterdam is a let down!!!!
    10. inkedangels
      Where's it happening in Amsterdam then?
    11. linkme4real
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    12. inkedangels
      Unexpected visit from our regular BBC, looks like I will have to clean Mrs inked pussy before we go to the reception
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    14. da slayer
      da slayer
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      where are all the Alpha BBC in the UK then??
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      Warm Greetings for you BBC's Slut !!!
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      Orlando Black Bull
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    October 29
    United Kingdom
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    Caucasian (white)
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    5'10" (178cm)
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    well about time we updated our profile: we began this journey just over 18 mths ago, mrs inked said upon hearing that I had participated in a bit of swinging previously said "don't think you will get me doing anything like that"
    Luckily for me, I married a open minded woman, and curiosity got the better of her! It was not long before she began asking me questions about what I had done swinging wise. I was totally honest with her as it was a long time before I met her and what's the point of not being honest? if you cannot be, then you are not going to get far? when I explained that I had enjoyed several 3 sums involving another male, she questioned whether I was bi sexual? I assured her I was not, she then asked why I had enjoyed it then? I told her that it was just a massive turn on for me watching events in front of me. we began incorporating scenarios in to our sex live and it was obvious it turned her on, so I asked if she would like to try it? she said yes but only with another male as she did not think she could watch me with another woman. I was fine with this explaining that I had no desire to fuck other women anyway. we set our rules, which were it had to be a black male and we only ever done this as a couple. Mrs Inked had not even kissed a black male before as we live in a small town. Since our first meet, it was obvious to me that I had my dream wife come true, she took her first black cock like she was born to fuck BBC, and we have not looked back. we have had 7 meets with BBC now, a couple of them on more than one occasion, all having good and not so good points but its been a learning curve and we are more aware of our likes and dislikes now.
    We want to explore more with a regular BBC, someone a little dominant, but not coarse or aggressive, spanking and mild bondage, public humiliation, but not sissy stuff, more along the lines of when we are out in a bar mrs inked and her BBC act as the couple with mr inked just being there, we enjoy others seeing and wondering whats going on. also mr inked would like to be tied to a chair or bound as mrs inked and her BBC fuck. Mrs inked is sub in the bedroom and enjoys long foreplay, oral,rimming,kissing etc , she likes to be dominated but in a sexy mental way not with aggression. would like to find regular so we can enjoy bareback as she enjoys being cleaned up. we are very open minded and willing to try most scenarios, the only no no is anal, but that could change in the right setting. also if we met a regular bull, she would like to have 2 bbc together.
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