The Physics of BBC Sex

Since I'm not Black, nor do I have a huge cock, I don't know what it feels like to fuck a woman with such a tool. I have never really fucked a woman with a tight pussy, so I really don't know what that feels like either. I have, however, fucked women with large, realistic dildos and have noticed a feeling I never encounter when fucking a woman with my own penis.

When I fuck a woman with my own penis, there may be a bit of pressure on my dick, but I tend to slide in and out with ease. On the other hand, when I use a large 8"-10" toy on these women, it often feels like passing through a wall or two. What I mean is, there's a bit of a wonky feeling as is jam it in and out, so it's not really a smooth, sliding action. Is this because the toy is a rigid, plastic item or is this something that is expected to happen when one has a huge cock? I know we're not medical experts, but can somebody explain what's happening inside?


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Our bodies have many openings that converge and re converge on each other that leads toward our cervix. Each opening has linings that when we are aroused, fill with blood and the openings become less making a snug space. What your experiencing with the larger toys is the stimulation of those linings. Your more than likely not feeling them while having sex due to your penis isn't able to reach those linings or your partners linings have never been stimulated enough that the would engorge with blood enough for you to feel a difference