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only have one black cock experience ( yeh i know) should you consider down the track of selecting a full time bull for taining and what would be expected of me and my husband Image6.jpg


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Every relationship is different. I strongly suggest have a bull or two that can meet your wife's needs. LTR are better because it reduces the chances of STD's. I belong to a relatively closed group of bulls and mostly married white women. In our group the husbands don't participate and are for the most part clueless but the rules of the group can be designed to meet the needs of the participants. Our group has been around for quite a few years and has worked well. Everyone gets variety in their sex lives and the concern about STD's is minimal, but we all get checked a couple of times a year. For instance if a woman in our group would like to pull a train she can have 4 or 5 well hung bulls that she knows will respect her limits, be clean, and will fuck her senseless. Being worried about your safety can throw ice water on the lust.


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Outside of marriage, I can't imagine anyone wanting a "full time" alternate lover, black or white or whatever. Eventually it would just become less exciting, same as marriage sex over 10-15 years. Seeing the same guy more than a couple times a month would eventually cause that, I'd think. If it was me, I'd prefer to have 3 or 4 other lovers + the spouse. But that's just me ... :)