question for women who have taken bbc

For me it was initially painful however he was slow and easy and ... it got to a point of such pleasure I never wanted him to stop. I guess, this might not be true for all. And yes, for me, there are some men who are just too too big and scare me. So I pass cause all I can think about is being split in to by his massiveness. However to be true I have seen only a handful of these men.
it can be too big or too rough and cause physical damage and every woman is different , just ask the lady before you start and pay attention. Most of the porn is ridiculous and fake very few people like to choke on a cock gagging makes people puke
Does pussy size matter? I've yet to be blacked, but I have a very small vagina. I'm a thick white girl, and I do have a rather large pussy mound, but the opening is small and I'm very tight too... One guy mentioned I may need training before I go black. I personally feel keeping it natural and just dealing with it is the way to go. Do any of you ladies have any advice for a first timer going into it?
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