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OK...I'm obviously NOT FAITHFUL to my husband, but we're still together. So, is it crazy to get pissed when I find out he's been unfaithful again? Is it just plain silly to get jealous if the guy I'm seeing on the side is seeing someone else too?
We all talk a lot about "the open lifestyle" and swinging, but is jealousy EVER not an issue at some point? Is it possible to separate sex from emotional involvement, and would you want to?:blackheart:


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Men and women handle their emotions so differently; men can often become sexually charged with the thoughts of a cheating spouse, whereas women tend to become possessive. Which is why women have difficulty understanding why men desire to share their wives. Also, men are more capable of separating love & sex, whereas women tend to want emotional involvement with sex. These are mentioned in John Gray's book "Men Are From Mars ... "