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in her ass

Yea so my gf isn't very good at taking my cock in her ass or sucking dick she really hot though. Do yous think a bbc could train her how to suck a dick and get assfucked? She has her tongue pierced as well and a small pale ass that would look so hot with a dark black cock in it. Also when she does suck me off its never long enough for me to cum and she says if I do she will spit it out and I can't on her face. And I was fucking her ass once and she told me I can't cum in it or on it. U think a bbc would change this maybe even get her to swallow or go ass to mouth?


Real Person
yea i train my slut husband how to fuck her ass , now she loves it , oh 1 problem she doesnt let him attempt anymore she says it to small and she perfer my black cock up her , tight white asshole instead because it makes her ass sore for days later ....


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She will learn to love it....but the brothers aren't asking or negotiating for ass....they're taking it. She will never accept that attitude from her white husband but she will turn over and take it willingly from her black lovers. Can't explain exactly why....just the way it is.
It's really not like the 'porn movies' you've been watching. It can hurt a bit as you are stretched to accommodate his girth (beautiful girth). You need to relax as much as possibly you can and use a LOT of lube. Start extremely slow and let him enter you a bit at a time till he is allll the way in. Every inch of his magnificent Black cock is inside you to the hilt. Then let him begin his strokes nice and slow to get you use to him ... par of his rhythm will be his balls slapping against you backside. I can't say it doesn't hurt but it can also be sooooo very wonderful! Who knows maybe you will really like it!