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How Long before You Became Interracially-Hooked?


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That first orgasm did it for me (I had never cum from just f*cking before) but it took me a while to admit it to accept it. I wasn't sure I should be in this kind of lifestyle, what if people found out, would my husband still love me...... But when I was around black guys I would get turned on, become flirty, basically act like a school girl in heat. Second time with a black guy was even more amazing. During the sex I completely gave in to my lust. However afterward I again got cold feet. Just typical good christian girl bullshit but it was there. But as they say the third time is the charm. He was so smooth and sexy, so big and talented, so nice....and then so dominant and in charge. I melted. No further resistance. Finally had to admit to myself and my husband I had found the thing that really does it for me. Fortunately he has evolved and accepted his role too. So now I get to have amazing boyfriends and a great, supportive husband. I think I hit the jackpot!
My wife and I had been going out once a month for her to pick up a guy and bring him back to our hotel so they could fuck for about a year. She had some good experiences and some that were boring. When we went out in October that year for our monthly playtime, she ended up meeting a nice black guy named Darnell. After small talk and dancing, she asked him to come to our hotel. He had a thick 8" cock and my wife was very happy after their first session since she had an orgasm. They took a shower together and came back and I was amazed that his cock was rock hard again.

At this time, I was always jerking off while my wife was being fucked. I had shot my load when she had her orgasm. He had an orgasm right after that. 30 minutes later, I was still flaccid as could be and he's fullly erect. He had me lick her pussy while he put another condom on. Right before she came, he pulled me out of the way and sank his cock deep into her. She started cumming and he fucked her through another 3 orgasms. She finally called it quits and sucked his cock til he came again.

She picked up another 2 white guys after that, but she couldn't stop talking about Darnell. After 2 not so great experiences with white dudes, she picked up a black guy and hasn't gone back to white since.