Does age/relationship duration play a role?

My fiancé and I discussed my desires years ago and since she had no interest, I haven't brought it up. It has been my own private fantasy.

A week ago or so I started thinking about where we might be in 10 or 20 years. What kind of sexual fun we might be having. And I wondered if part of this black/white fantasy is about the freshness of someone new. Something new. After so many years of exploring each other and evolving sexually, is it possible that this stuff might be apart of our future.

It's obviously hard to see the future, but I'd like to think it's still a possibility!


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.....Dre, welcome to b2w ... I notice you filled out your profile with some good information; great, that helps you get some good feedback from those who desire to help you and want to know you better.

.....From what I just read in your profile, it appears the 2 of you are establishing good communications and trust early into your relationship. I don't know if the 2 of you have shared each other's deepest sexual fantasies, but this helps a ton in finding out what your partner desires or is interested in ... could be a big cock for her, maybe a gangbang, could even be another woman ... you just never know. But, the fact that each of you can share a deep sexual fantasy establishes a path you might pursue later. The two of you might find that you have similar fantasies and therefore fulfilling the fantasies would be a bit more simple and fun. Nothing should be off the table for discussion, and practically nothing off the table to experience IF the 2 of you are truly interested in fulfilling each other's deepest sexual desires.
.....Sexual boredom is one big reason couples often break up; it doesn't have to be that way if the 2 have established a good foundation of trust & communication.
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