Cuck talk - a dilemma

Would like to know about a dilemma I have regarding interracial cuckolding
From a sexual perspective I get sexually excited from being submissive to a big dominant black man who is fucking my white wife/gf but I also have a strong moral base that may come into conflict with this. Do other white guys have this issue?
At the end of the day regardless of my sexual proclivities the moral aspect will always come first. I love the thought of consensual submissiveness to big black men and want to experience this with a white female partner but only if it is played out within the bounds of a certain moral compass that respects all participants. Would love an interracial cuckold relationship that offered the sexual and emotional pleasure without breaking certain moral standards.
That said, I sincerely believe that it is possible to have a deep and loving relationship with a white female that involves one or more dominant black men. And want to experience this to the full!


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Brit, my understanding, from your other posts, suggests you're not currently IN a relationship with a woman, but desiring to find a relationship where your woman would be allowed to be with other partners, particularly black men ... am I right?

There have been a few other, frustrated male posters, in the past year or so, with your desire. Problem with this desired scenario is that women cuckold men because they have to or need to ... because their current, male partner is not satisfying their sexual needs. So, they aren't likely to be wanting to enter into a new relationship with a man knowing they will need to be with other men. They're into relationship and partner bonding, and if you don't offer the goods they desire, they'll not want that partnership with you.

My wife and I kind of backed into our swinging relationship. We dated in school, and did some swinging with friends and other college couples. When we got married, that "barrier" didn't need to be crossed. We still, however, haven't crossed the color barrier ourselves. I imagine that might happen after our teenagers have moved out.

I believe you should look in a similar direction; build your desired relationship from the ground up ... find a woman to date who would be open/into including other male partners in bed, then marry her and continue that lifestyle.
Good luck ... Mac
Hi Mac. Thanks for a very considered and practical response (as always, may I add). Yes, I am a single guy looking for a white female who wants a cuckold relationship, one that gives her the freedom to sleep with black men.
I was in a relationship till relatively recently but this fetish I have made it unworkable and unfulfilling for both my partner and I.
Now I want to take my time and find a woman with whom I can share my fetish as well as forming a deep, loving and long-term relationship. Fulfilling this goal is probably more likely by going down the route you specify but I'm fearful of settling down and then being able to make the transition to a cuckold style relationship.
It sounds trivial and superficial that I should put such an emphasis on only one aspect of a relationship or one aspect of a partner, but so profound and deep is my desire for a BBC loving woman that I suppose I use that trait or fetish as a starting point.
At least it allows me to be honest and open about my sexuality from the outset, and this in turn allows for a more intimate and strong relationship to be formed (although it certainly narrows the field!). Although of course it does set the in motion Nietzsche's eternal return and just making the same mistake time and time again!
It's probably the case Mac that come back on this site in 5 years time and I'll still be looking for my interracial cuckoldress - some of us just don't learn!
Thanks again Mac


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You may have a hard time finding a woman like that better find someone who likes you and that you like if it never goes the next step you will still have a great relationship.