Billionare Widow Of Steve Jobs Dating A Black Man

Hedonist Ninja

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The man was married but is in the process of a divorce... The romance between the billionaire widow of Steve Jobs and the DC politico does not seem to be the reason for the split of his marriage.

This is one very high profile interracial relationship and it would be interesting to see if these two ever get married.

Some are calling Fenty a fortune hunter AKA a male gold digger... Who can say? A power and rich white lady falls for a black man, and vice versa, and apart from online race baiters and random anonymous hateful comments at different parts of the net the union does not seem to be interesting to many aside from the fact both are celebrities with money. That is not reflective of all IR dating in modern life, still it is worth noting.

It seems race as a taboo is not that serious a topic to some. Aside from some forum and Youtube 'mudshark' remarks and black women who seem to be arbitrarily upset at this divorcing his wife 'for a white woman' (which might not be the full story) there has been little talk of race in this romance. Just two people who met and became enamored with one another... That is positive overall.

I just thought I'd share... I am sure there will be more to this tale as the year goes on.