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not sure if its just me but anybody else have a download a launch when they click on some threads on here? just so you know do not open it and delete that file right away because it is most def a virus or malware
No but when i load the site via the page that is bookpaged another page opens.

Yeah 100% of the time a download auto starts from a site its a virus. When that happens to me i yank internet (i am on a cable).

Close out that site.

Then run a full virus scan.


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Good discussion here Gents.

For the sake of a Public Service Announcement the Internet has been owned by the cyber criminals and it is a VERY dangerous virtual place. There are no virtual cops policing the Internet per se', and unless you have your shields raised up, you will get infected no question. Surfing on the Net without any protection is like walking into a whore house without a condom - your just asking to get burnt

Legitimate websites are hosting malvertisements (advertisement pics with malware [malicious-software aka viruses] that loads once you view the page). See links below for some tories about what I am referring to.

*Note: As a disclaimer I am not trying to promote anyone service or browser over another here but for the sake of helping people out ....

The most vulnerable web browser is Internet Explorer (IE). It just does not have any good built-in security features and if you are a windows user I would only use IE to download Firefox and Chrome then un-install IE. I use a MAC so I don't have IE and at work I refuse to use IE and I only use firefox and I have shown all my co-workers how to do the same.

Once you down-load Firefox or Chrome, then install the following plug-ins (look for the Add-ons feature in the browser settings/options) to help shield you from malware that automatically downloads onto your computer once you visit a site:

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon
No-Script *

*Now this is tricky because it will block all scripts running on websites and stop sites from loading.
When the N0-Script icon lights-up, click on it and look for anything that says 'Ad' in the url and click 'untrust' to block it. Then for the website click 'Allow <website name>'.

For example, when you come to then click Allow all from, or Allow all from, etc. Only allow legitimate websites and for all others you are unsure about, don't click anything and then google the website to find out more info and see if it is legit.

For a matter of awareness, All Porn sites are hosting some malware via their Ads. Its not the site's fault per se, but the cyber criminals are smarter than the site admins, and they are hacking the advertisement companies themselves to include the malware from the point of origin of the Ads that are being sent. So the website admin doesn't even know that the Advertisement they are getting a kickback on from posting on their page is hosting a virus through it.

So if you are surfing around alot of porn sites, take your computer now to get wiped out, re-install the Operating System (or a clean copy), then follow the steps I listed above on using a more secure web browser. Also Facebook, twitter and even this site potentially may have links that are ladden with malware that automatically downloads on your computer. Just be very suspicious of clicking on any link as it may lead you somewhere that you don't want to go. Those shortened weblinks (i.e. bitlys) are notorious for sending you to some fake website that has malware on it.

Reference links to check:

More info about Ad-ons for firefox:

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