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After The Bull Leaves... What Happens Next?

After the Bull Leaves. What Happens Next?

  • Make love to the wife/hubby

    Votes: 191 38.1%
  • Clean out wife's pussy

    Votes: 303 60.5%
  • Inquire how the sex was for her

    Votes: 143 28.5%

  • Total voters


Real Person
We get right down to a damn good sex session, nothing beats going in to a well used sex hole thats been stretched wide and is full of sex fluid from her bb lover, thats what really turns us on even more after the event, its part of the build up, and its real sexy.
Well said, well put. Sexy to say the least
Let's say you invited the black bull over for a fun time with the Mrs. If he isn't a live-in lover, and after he's done pounding her pussy, decides to call it a night and leaves... what do you, or intend to do with the wife afterwards?
Finish my beer.....then me and mama will have some knock down drag out sex