1. T

    Karen Kay stories

    Want to find the continuations of various Karen Kay stories. They were available on her website for her customers. But the website is now offline. Does anyone have at least some of them?
  2. joe351

    First black but not the last

    My wife started fucking my white friends shortly after we were married. Then we started taking short over night trips to casinos. She would dress in very sexy outfits . She would pickup white guys bring them to the room and have sex with them. My role in all this was to sit and watch. She liked...
  3. Bradd99

    Most embarrassing moments

    This is a thread for all the small dick cucks to tell embarrassing moments/things that's happened to them sexually and for the bulls and cuckoldresses to have a laugh. Try to keep comments civil and don't take yourselves too seriously as its a lighthearted thread. OK I'll start.... I had a one...
  4. S

    Like an author's stories? Support them!

    It sounds simple. It really is. And it's vital. If you enjoy reading erotic stories and want to keep doing so, then you should support the author of the stories you like. How can you do that? Easy. 1. Rate the story. Most sites give you a way, be it stars, a number, whatever. 2. Post a public...
  5. donall108

    Old Swinger's Mags Interracial Impregnation Stories and Ads

    Way back when in the late 60's to the late 80's when Interracial Swinger's mags like Unreal People,Taboo,etc. were popular,there were lot's of reader's stories and other sourced fantasy stories dealing with the subject of cheating white wives becoming pregnant with their black lovers. Some of...