1. d0gg

    Our First Time Wife Swapping

    My wife Carol and I have been dating since 19 years old. At 21 our parents told us, if we wanted to be together, we should get married. That's what we did. Separation from them became a positive experience for us, this concerns our sex life. We started living together, we fucked like rabbits...
  2. L

    QoS and Hotwives only - How did you start being interested in Black Men?

    As a good cuckhold Iam very interested in female psychology. It really excites me a lot to know the female mind and desire. So I would like to know. How did you first become interested in well hung black men? When did you realize you preferred black men? And when did it start impacting your sex...
  3. L

    Anyone interested in my super high quality writing?

    Hey y’all. Couple here (BM/WF) writing probably the highest quality stories out there. It’s been a passion of ours to document our adventures (and fantasies) for a LONG time - we’ve been writing for years. Themes include serious cuckolding, plenty of interracial, lots of dirty language, and...
  4. T

    Let’s share some stories!

    I’m laying in bed scrolling through pics and reading all these hot experiences. It turns me on to know how many people are into this lifestyle. I want to chat with anyone that wants to exchange stories with me! I’ve got some good ones…
  5. SemperDominus

    Feel my strength

    I like the subtle act of overpowering you. Holding you down with one hand and pulling your panties off with the other. To handle you and be able to position you at will to my liking. To hear you moan and then you make the most wonderful noises when I forcefully insert myself into you as you're...
  6. C

    Experiences with college bbc?

    hi naughty lurker, I’m in a college but I often fantasize when I’m around town about the finer older women. I love reading the stories about couples, surburban mom’s, and older women in general hooking up with college bbc. I’d love to hear more stories about you met and what you loved from it?
  7. TXlolita

    Her (25F) true story about her first BBC cuckold (w/pics)! 😈

    Scorching summer afternoon by my apartment pool. Little white bikini with last weekend’s tan lines peeking out. Skin still dripping from my last dip in the water to cool off. A book and a Yeti full of sangria on the table next to my lounge chair. My phone dings. It’s a text from my boyfriend...
  8. DinaVal69

    Size queens, I have questions!

    Are you a size queen? What makes you a size queen? How big is too big? How small is too small? Do you have stories? Does it ever hurt? Did you have to gradually go bigger? What’s the biggest you’ve had? Would you like to join us on our podcast? Message me for more details.
  9. SemperDominus

    She came like a good toy

    She was stripped naked.
 Her holes were probed and stretched.
 She was inspected inside and out.
 Her hair was pulled and grabbed.
 Her face was slapped. She was positioned on all fours
. Her mouth was stretched.
She was turned out to others.
 She collected colors, welts snd bruises.
 She wore...
  10. E

    All dressed up: how my hubby became a sissy

    For a long time I though my husband simply liked to be cucked. I thought he just liked watching me with other men, like having live porn on. I thought he loved “the show” aspect. I soon learned that I was missing out on the best part of making him a cuckold. It started with a role play session...
  11. SemperDominus

    I want to ruin your marriage

    Can you imagine that? I come to visit you and you have to sneak away to come meet me at a hotel. I wonder what kind of lies you'll tell your husband. I wonder if deep down he will know that he is too much of a loser to stop you from going to get fucked by someone so much stronger than he is...
  12. WhiteEuroBoi

    Walking in On My Girlfriend

    I was in high school when I met my beautiful girlfriend, Amber. She had a sexy physique, great features, and a beautiful personality. We instantly clicked and we were so compatible with everything...except in the bedroom. She was never fascinated with my 4” inch white penis. I had a lot of...
  13. M

    My interracial phantasies...

  14. cristoferhayde

    I need more of you!

    …there you were, in my favorite tee, i could see the shape of your perfect ass giving my shirt form, your smooth legs stuck out from underneath, begin me to touch and kiss them. I just stood there and watched for a minute, biting my lips, you never knew i was there… you were perfect and...
  15. D

    Only BBC girls tease you white boys?

    Only BBC girls, do you enjoy sexually teasing white boys (Friends and strangers)? You think it's funny? Tell them you're only for black men?:sex::mstickle: What is their reaction? :oops: Tell your story, how did you do it.
  16. T

    Karen Kay stories

    Want to find the continuations of various Karen Kay stories. They were available on her website for her customers. But the website is now offline. Does anyone have at least some of them?
  17. joe351

    First black but not the last

    My wife started fucking my white friends shortly after we were married. Then we started taking short over night trips to casinos. She would dress in very sexy outfits . She would pickup white guys bring them to the room and have sex with them. My role in all this was to sit and watch. She liked...
  18. Bradd99

    Most embarrassing moments

    This is a thread for all the small dick cucks to tell embarrassing moments/things that's happened to them sexually and for the bulls and cuckoldresses to have a laugh. Try to keep comments civil and don't take yourselves too seriously as its a lighthearted thread. OK I'll start.... I had a one...
  19. S

    Like an author's stories? Support them!

    It sounds simple. It really is. And it's vital. If you enjoy reading erotic stories and want to keep doing so, then you should support the author of the stories you like. How can you do that? Easy. 1. Rate the story. Most sites give you a way, be it stars, a number, whatever. 2. Post a public...
  20. donall108

    Old Swinger's Mags Interracial Impregnation Stories and Ads

    Way back when in the late 60's to the late 80's when Interracial Swinger's mags like Unreal People,Taboo,etc. were popular,there were lot's of reader's stories and other sourced fantasy stories dealing with the subject of cheating white wives becoming pregnant with their black lovers. Some of...