Old Swinger's Mags Interracial Impregnation Stories and Ads

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    Way back when in the late 60's to the late 80's when Interracial Swinger's mags like Unreal People,Taboo,etc. were popular,there were lot's of reader's stories and other sourced fantasy stories dealing with the subject of cheating white wives becoming pregnant with their black lovers. Some of these were very well written that gives us a glimpse of the TABOO mindset of those times. I remember some very impressive illustrated ads and captions in stories as well. Does anyone have any of those that they can share?
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    I am not familiar with those mags. The only one I remember is Select Magazine for swingers. We ran ads in that for quite a few years starting in 1971, but not for black men back then. And I don't remember seeing ads for either cuckolding or interracial, or at least it wasn't on my radar.
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    we use to read Penthouse forums back in the day
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    I used to buy some of those mags but they were so expensive you can get a year subscription to a porn site now for what a couple issues cost back then. I was always interested in the Penthouse Forum type publications, where it was JUST stories - allegedly true stories submitted by readers. Mostly BS but it was fun to think that some of them might have been real. But, what got me, and this was long before websites like B2W, was that there would be a category of just "Interracial". I was shocked that there were enough stories of that genre submitted that they created a separate category for them. It was my first tip-off that I wasn't the only perv out there with that kink. Not it seems like a huge portion of the porn industry is IR oriented.
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    These were my downfall. I was a kid stealing these magazines. The only stories I liked were the ones where a man watched his wife fuxk another man.

    By the time I was 18 I graduated to wives doing black only, and now am to the point I agreed to let my GF cuckold me on our wedding night, have a black baby, and deny me her pussy.

    It all started with these damn magazines.
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    Here is one such story that I was able to find from the early alt.sex.stories.newsgroup listings. They are posted as found. Credit to the original poster. Enjoy and other contributions are most encouraged if you have any on an old hard drive,etc.

    Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories
    Subject: Birth Wish (Interracial, slut wife, impreg) with follow up letter
    Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 07:25:01 GMT
    Message-ID: <3372cff0.7936168@news.earthlink.net>

    I did not write this it is from unREAL PEOPLE mag. Issue #64 from
    about 3-4 years ago. There is a follow up letter to this in Issue #66
    I will type it up when I get time.

    Adult material so don't read if your not old enough or offended.

    Birth Wish

    Because of your magazine I have had a unreal experience I though I
    would share with you. I'm a married white female, and I saw magazine
    for the first time two weeks ago. My husband has a business in another
    state and spends two weeks each month there. We have been married 12
    years, and I have never cheated on him until I read your magazine, but
    I'm not blaming you.
    He had been gone a little over a week, and I was having lunch
    with my girl friend one day. We had a few drinks and as I was about to
    leaving she gave me a copy of your magazine.
    I didn't look at it till I got home and then I couldn't
    believe what I was seeing and reading. I had never screwed anyone but
    my husband. His dick is not very big, and what I was seeing was
    blowing my mind.
    I found myself rereading the ads from black men with big dicks
    and white women wanting black men with big dicks. I don't know if it
    was the drinks or the ads or both, but I was getting hotter and
    hotter. I had heard a lot about black men but had never as much as
    touched one.
    I guess if I would be honest I've always had a hidden desire
    to have a black man. I kept going back to an ad and picture of Phil
    with a 9" dick. It was blowing my mind and I was getting hotter and
    hotter al the time, wondering what it would be like to fuck a black
    man with a 9" dick. In his ad he said he said he wanted to make a
    white woman his slut; to teach her how to service him the way he
    I fixed another drink and read some more ads, but when I came
    back to Phil's I realized he was just an hour and a half from where I
    lived. The next thing I knew I was dialing his number. All I got was
    his recorder, but as I was leaving a message he answered. I told him I
    had seen his ad in unREAL PEOPLE magazine. He asked if all I wanted
    was to talk and I said, "no," so he asked what I wanted, and I said I
    really didn't know.
    He wanted to know about me so I told him I am 32, 5'0, 120,
    red headed and considered good looking. And I told him I have good
    tits. He wanted to know if the hair on my pussy is also red, and I
    assured him it is. I also told him I was married and had never screwed
    anyone but my husband, whose dick isn't very big, and that just
    looking at the picture of his nine inches scared me.
    He assured me I could take it, and that he would be easy to
    start with, and then he wanted to know if I wanted to suck it. Before
    I even though I said, "yes." Then Phil told me what he would do to me
    and what I would have to do as his slut, and how he would fuck me
    with his big 9" dick, and how he'd make me suck it over and over.
    By this time I was hotter than I had ever been in my life - I
    felt like I was going to pass out. He asked if I wanted to visit him,
    and I said, "yes." he asked when, and I said, "How about today?" I
    think this shocked him a little because he wanted to know where I
    lived, but when I told him, he realized I could be there in a couple
    He told me where to exit the Interstate and described a
    parking lot to meet in.
    I hung the phone up thinking, "What have I done?" but I was so
    hot I fixed another drink and started packing. I left and started
    driving and thinking.
    One side said "turn around and go back," but the other side
    said "go on," and the go on side won. The more I thought about Phil's
    9" black dick the hotter I got. I had to rub my pussy from time to
    time to stand it.
    I got off at the exit Phil told me to and went to the parking
    lot , but he wasn't there so I started to wonder if I hadn't been
    tricked. But after a few minutes a car like Phil said he would be
    driving pulled in, an the driver waved for me to follow him.
    When we reached his apartment he came to my car and said, "I'm
    Phil and I guess you are Lucy." He took my bag and we started in. My
    knees were shaking so hard I could hardly walk but I couldn't stop. We
    got inside and he started kissing me like I'd never been kissed
    before. His tongue was doing things I didn't know could be done and
    his lips devoured me. We must have been kissing for five minutes when
    he told me to take my clothes off so he could see what I looked like I
    did, as fast as I could. He looked me over and started playing with my
    nipples, which were hard as marbles. And then he told me to take his
    clothes off. When I pulled down his pants I found his dick pushing his
    shorts out so far I thought they would split. I pulled those shorts
    down, and his dick almost hit me in the face - all I could do was
    stare. It was much bigger than it had looked in the picture, and I
    knew there was no way I could all of it. Phil told me to play with it,
    but I couldn't even get my hand all the way around it. I started
    fearfully wondering what I had gotten myself into, but Phil pushed my
    head down and told me to suck it.
    I sucked with my mouth and used both hands as best I could. In
    a few minutes that dick got harder and Phil started fucking my mouth.
    I could tell he was about to cum, and when he did, I swallowed as fast
    as could, but couldn't keep some from running down my chin.
    Phil told me to suck his balls, so I did, one at a time. And
    then he took me to the bedroom, promising to fuck me right.
    On his king size bed, he kissed my mouth, tits and pussy. I
    had thought his tongue was good in my mouth, but in my pussy it was
    out of this world. By the time he was ready to fuck me, I was so hot
    that I didn't even worry about his immense size.
    He rubbed his cock head up and down my pussy, making me crazy,
    and then he pushed slowly in. At first I thought I would be split in
    two, but it felt better and better, and suddenly I realized that his
    dick hair was rubbing my pussy hair - he was all the way in!
    He would stop pumping to just flex his cock, driving me silly.
    he'd stroke slow and easy, then long and hard , until I thought he
    would drive his dick up and out through my mouth, but it was wonderful
    and I felt close to passing out, but I didn't want to miss even a
    single stroke. I wrapped my legs around him, trying to match his every
    thrust as he pounded me harder and still harder with his big dick,
    until I thought he'd fuck me to death. It seemed impossible, but I
    felt his dick get even bigger, and I knew he was about to cum. His
    cream was so hot, and so profuse, that I finally passed out.
    When I came to, my legs were wrapped so tightly around him
    that he couldn't dismount me. He asked how I liked being fucked by a
    black man, and I told him it was the best I'd ever had. I looked at
    his soft dick, which was bigger than my husband's hard.
    We fucked and sucked for three nights and two days, and then I
    had to return home. Phil said we would start my slut training on my
    husband's next business trip. On the way home, I thought of all that
    had happened to me in such a short time. I wondered what would happen
    if I had gotten pregnant, and though I knew my fertile time wouldn't
    come for another week, I couldn't get the thought out of my mind. As
    soon as I got in the house I checked my calendar and almost fainted.
    My most fertile time had during the time I was with Phil! What would I
    do if I was pregnant? I was so worried that when my husband fucked me
    I would be so loose he would notice, but that turned out not to be a
    problem as my husband got detained by big problems at the plant - he
    had to stay there for another week.
    I called Phil and told him what had happened, and told me to
    pack and come back. When I arrived he was waiting for me, and like the
    first time, I sucked him in the living room and we fucked in the
    bedroom, but it was somehow better than the first time.
    After he had cum what felt like a measuring cup full, he lay
    on me letting his dick get soft, and I mentioned that I could already
    be pregnant. I felt his dick get hard again, and he started fucking me
    harder than he ever had. I thought he might fuck me to death, but what
    a way to go.
    When he finished he said it really turned him on to think he
    might have a white woman knocked up, and if he didn't he was going to
    keep fucking me until he did and make me have his black baby. It
    really scares me to think about having a black baby in me, but I can't
    keep from seeing Phil and letting him try to get me pregnant. One part
    of me wants to let him get me pregnant and the other part says I'm out
    of my mind which I am when Phil is fucking me.
    The next day Phil took me to a little shop to get some
    clothes. He picked out two mini skirts and two blouses. One mini is so
    short and tight it barely covers my pussy hair, and the see-thru
    blouse is so thin you can see my tits and nipples as if I haven't got
    anything on. We went to a bar to meet Joe, a friend of Phil's. Phil
    asked him if he wanted to fuck me, which the guy did, so Phil told me
    to go with Joe and tack care of him.
    We went to Joe place, and what an afternoon of fucking and
    sucking, 69 and anything else he could think of! Joe's dick was not as
    long as Phil's. He put my legs on his shoulders when he fucked me and
    it was still long enough to reach to my cervix. Joe's dick would get
    hard over and over with a little sucking, so I full of his cum when he
    returned me to Phil. Joe said that if Phil didn't want me for his
    slut, Joe would take me for his, but Phil said he would keep me.
    Phil told me to get cleaned up because he wanted to do some
    fucking. We sucked and fucked for some time, and then Phil ordered
    pizza. When it came he made me go to the door and pay for it nude. The
    delivery boy, who was black, was shocked. The next day I wore the
    other outfit, and the skirt was even shorter and tighter, if that is
    possible. When I say down my pussy was exposed and there was nothing I
    could do about it, but Phil said it was just fine. The blouse had two
    straps over my tits, and most of them were exposed also. We went to
    another bar to meet two more of Phil's friends, who he asked to fuck
    me. He told them I was theirs to do with as they pleased. While Phil
    got his camcorder we got undressed and they started on me. I thought
    we had done everything possible until they wanted to fuck me in the
    ass, and that scared me as I had never done it before, but Phil said I
    had to. They lubricated me, applying pussy juice with their fingers,
    and then one had me get on top of him with his dick in my pussy, and
    the other started in my ass. At first it hurt some, but after awhile
    it was great with two dicks in me at the same time. After they shot
    their loads they left, and Phil told me to get cleaned up as he wanted
    his turn.
    We sucked and fucked until I was exhausted. Phil was laying on
    me with his soft dick in me, and I asked if he thought he had knocked
    me up. I felt his dick getting hard, and he fucked me harder than ever
    again. Now I know how to get him to fuck me hard when I want it.
    I stayed with Phil the rest of the week and it was something
    new every day, and then he would fuck me silly every night. Before I
    left, Phil made me promise to come back to him every month during my
    fertile period, and I promised I would do it until he had me knocked
    up. I can't believe I have done all of this, but I have. My mind is
    going crazy trying to sort every thing out, form why did I fuck a
    black man in the first place to why I'm letting him try to knock me
    up, knowing that if he does I'm in big trouble. Thought I would let
    you know what your magazine got me into, but I'm not blaming you
    because I loved every minute of it. I just wanted to tell you an
    unREAL story that is true.

    I did not write this it is from unREAL PEOPLE mag. Issue #66 from
    about 3-4 years ago and is a follow up letter to the first one in
    Issue #64.
    I would love to hear from others with interests in
    interracial/slut wife/pregnancy.... Hope you like it!

    Adult material so don't read if your not old enough or offended.

    Birth Wish part 2

    I just read my letter in unREAL PEOPLE #64. I thought I would
    update you on what has happened since I wrote it. You'll recall that
    after 12 years of faithful marraage, I discovered an irresistible urge to
    cheat on my husband and fuck a well hung black men. And my new black
    master, Phil, becomes most aroused at the prospect of knocking me up.
    Yes, Phil did get me pregnant the first time he fucked me, but
    I able to convince him there was no way I could have a black baby and
    stay married. He agreed to let me get an abortion, but he will not let
    me use any birth control so I will probably get pregnant again. He's
    trying his best to make it happen. He will not let me fuck any of his
    friends during my fertile time as he says he is the only one who is
    going to knock me up. And he promises to knock me up as many times as
    it takes until I agree to have his black baby. When he is fucking me I
    want to have his baby, but later, when I think what would happen, I
    know I can't do it. He says he loves knocking me up, I will get tired
    of getting abortions and I will have it for him.
    All the time that my husband is out of town I spend with Phil
    and that has been a lot lately. He still has me dress in minis and
    almost invisible tops. He has me fuck his friends when I can't get
    pregnant, and he has made a lot of movies of his friends fucking me in
    almost every way possible.
    My husband has never said anything about my pussy getting
    bigger, but I know it has as much as Phil has fucked me with his big
    dick; some of his friends have big ones too. Also, Phil can enter me
    easier now than when we started. I'm sure I'll be pregnant again soon
    as I will see Phil on my next fertile time, and he has promised he is
    going to knock me up again for sure. I have no idea why I do this, but
    I can't stay away from Phil and his big dick, and I can't resist the
    thought of getting pregnant by him. I'm sure I will be pregnant by him
    more times and keep getting abortions so he can knock me up again.
    When he is fucking me and I think he could be knocking me up, it is
    simply the most turned on I can get.
    I thought you might be interested as to what happened after
    you printed my letter, so here it is. Phil has not read the letter but
    I called him and told him and he liked it.
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    I think my husband has boxes of those mags somewhere in the house...I remember that name Unreal People..
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    Fantastic! I had a few of my own fantasy stories posted in them,but mostly they were reader's submissions. Interracial Impregnation was a very popular topic,because in those days,it was still considered somewhat TABOO!
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    Another Unreal People Story

    Un Real People Magazine Stories
    Black Man's Cum Dump
    by Mr. Jones (address withheld)


    A husband talks his wife into having sex with a black
    man, so she dose at a Halloween party and sends up
    pregnant by him. (MF, wife-sharing, intr, preg)


    Several stories I've read in this and other sites have
    dealt with interracial pregnancy, and many of the
    writers have said they would like to hear from similar
    people. After reading the letters and at my husband's
    suggestion, I have decided to write about my

    At the age of 29 after seven years of marriage, my
    husband and I felt it was time to add some spice to our
    lives. My husband, Larry, admitted that he very aroused
    by interracial sex and so we began to fantasize about
    it when we had sex.

    Then one day Larry suggested that I should consider
    fucking black men. The idea wasn't a turn-off to me,
    but I didn't know how to go about finding one, since I
    wasn't into the bar scene and didn't know any. Some of
    the black men where I work as a secretary were
    constantly hitting on me, but I'd always turned them
    down. I was flattered by their attention, but up until
    now I hadn't been looking for a black boyfriend, or any
    boyfriend for that matter.

    Some friends from work threw a Halloween Party, and
    Larry and I were invited. Larry hardly knew anyone
    there, but we went for the fun of it. He dressed as a
    sheik and I went as a harem girl, dressed in see-
    through pants and a tiny bikini. I have a very good
    figure and wanted to show myself off. I wear a 38D bra
    and have a small waist which accentuates my big boobs
    and well, gorgeous ass and legs. Yes, I think I'm a
    knockout so why not admit it.

    The party was a lot of fun, and as the night wore on we
    danced away. The black guys from work were there and
    they loved my costume. When I danced with them, each
    wanted a quick feel which they got, and it only made me
    horny. I told Larry about it and he encouraged me to
    flirt with them. By this time he desperately wanted me
    involved interracially so everything seemed perfect.

    Later in the evening I found myself sitting on a sofa
    with Todd, one of the black men from work. He had come
    as a Calypso dancer, wearing thin cotton pants with a
    drawstring and a cotton shirt. We laughed and talked,
    but all I could think about was Larry's (and my)
    fantasy. Todd put his arm around my shoulders at one
    point and drew me closer.

    When he kissed me his tongue went into my mouth and I
    accepted it. We turned to each other; his hand went to
    one of my tits and felt it up. Nervously I put my hand
    on his crotch and felt an enormous cock swelling there.
    We kept kissing and I was getting even hornier,
    thinking of that black log under my hand. Slowly, Todd
    maneuvered me over until I was on his lap, my legs
    straddling him and his cock pressing against my pussy.
    He began gyrating under me and I felt that cock growing

    "Let's get away somewhere where we can be alone," he
    whispered into my ear. I wanted to do that but I wanted
    Larry to know about it. I reluctantly pulled myself
    from Todd's lap and went to Larry who had been
    watching. As a matter of fact, most of the people there
    had been watching! I told Larry what Todd wanted. He
    nodded his approval and I went back to tell Todd the
    good news. He stood up, took my hand and led me up the
    stairs to the bedrooms.

    As soon as we arrived we embraced and kissed and I
    whispered, "Fuck me," in his ear, opening his pants and
    pulling out his cock. It was everything I had hoped it
    would be--big, thick, long and charcoal black. I held
    it in my hand, enrapt by the size and thickness. I
    pushed Todd down on the bad and straddled his lap. He
    pulled off my harem pants and bikini and I sank down on
    his dick. When it entered me I couldn't believe how
    good it felt.

    My pussy opened up like it had never been opened
    before. I sank all the way down on it and we rocked
    into a fucking motion. Todd unfastened my bra and
    brought both my boobs to his mouth and sucked them
    between his thick lips. I just leaned my head back and
    rolled my hips.

    When I looked down all I could see was my hairy cunt
    and his black belly. We fucked and fucked. With a groan
    Todd closed his eyes and thrust up at me. We did this
    for several minutes until he changed position, rolling
    me off on my back and spreading my legs. Todd rubbed
    his cock up and down my open pussy and then slid it in.
    I felt wonderful, filled with black cock.

    He fucked me hard, holding my white ass cheeks and
    grinding into me. I couldn't get enough. I wrapped my
    legs around him and my hands dug at his black ass. I
    came hard, my whole body quivering with excitement and
    release. This was what I had been missing all my
    married life.

    I felt him tensing up to cum. He rammed his cock deep
    inside me and began shooting his warm sperm into my
    cunt. It just kept spurting and spurting. When he
    dismounted his semen ran from my open pussy and dripped
    down my legs. I just know that I loved the sex and the
    very idea of fucking a black man.

    In the following weeks I went out with several of the
    black men at work and always ended up fucking them. By
    late December I found out I was pregnant. I also
    learned I had been knocked up at that Halloween party.
    It was definitely Todd's black baby in my white belly.

    The evening of the day I found out, I lay in bed with
    Larry, jerking him off slowly as we talked about my
    interracial sex. I finally got the courage and said,
    "I'm going to have a baby."

    Larry looked at me.

    "I'm pregnant," I said again. "And the baby is
    definitely black."

    Larry stared at me, his cock growing hard as an
    aluminum baseball bat. I told him again about what I
    had learned. With a deep groan, my husband shot a huge
    load that flew several inches into the air before
    covering my hand.

    Larry insisted I have the baby. I agreed. But he also
    insisted I continue to date and fuck black men. I more
    than enjoyed the black cock I was getting - by then I
    felt like I was "addicted."

    My belly became big and swollen and my already big tits
    grew even bigger. Larry stopped cumming inside me
    because he I loved to have me jerk him off over my
    heavy, bulging belly. He began calling me his "whore
    wife," and was ecstatic to have his very own "black
    man's whore."

    His whore wife had her black baby last July. Naturally,
    many people we knew were taken aback. Some stopped
    seeing us completely.

    I had wondered what my sexual desires would be after
    having a black man's baby. I wondered the same about
    Larry. I can honestly tell you that nothing has
    changed. I still date and fuck black studs, and I have
    a steady black boyfriend now. His name is Garry and he
    is hung massively. That's how I chose him. He fucks
    wonderfully well and we get it on several times a week.
    Interestingly enough, he wants me to have his baby now.

    My husband is excited beyond belief. He considers my
    cunt and mouth a natural reserve for "black men cum."
    He loves for me to jerk him off as I tell him how much
    I prefer sex with black men. He always wanted a whore
    wife and now he feels totally fulfilled. I have
    willingly and enthusiastically agreed to be a whore for
    black men. For me there is simply no other alternative.

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    Un Real People Stories
    Mardi Gras Slut by jeepster

    I love going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans with my husband. We are both white,41 years old and straight. I'm 38DD-31-39,with long,dark brown hair,green eyes,and as my husband puts it,a pile driving ass. Also,I'm a slut whore for long,thick,black cock.And I always find all I can handle in the Crescent City.

    This year I went alone as my husband had some business overseas. Well,I almost called this trip off,but reluctantly agreed and took my diaphragm along because I was expected to be at my most fertile time of the month during my stay in New Orleans.I knew I would be involved in a great deal of fucking.I never allow condoms as I love to feel the semen spurting way up deep inside me. Actually the combined feeling of the sperm jetting up close to my cervix and knowing that there is a chance I could get knocked up(especially by a heavy hung black stud) causes me to have some of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced in my life.

    Making sure my diaphragm was properly in place and my outfit was slutty enough to attract lots of attention,I started out on my adventure.Hitting the streets wearing a low-cut top showing a lot of cleavage and short denim shorts,the kind that are ragged and full of holes,I felt sinfully naked.I was actually,no bra,no panties allowing prominent display of my pointy nipples as well as the occasional glimpse of my furry black cunt hair.

    I first encountered two young black men who were staring at my swaying tits as I approached them.After a little small talk we walked into a local park about a block away where we quickly stripped and as I laid down on top of a picnic table fingering my dripping snatch,I begged them to fuck me now.Never mind the foreplay,I needed some thick cock now so the first guy banged me hard and fast.In a few minutes he shot a big load into me,then stud number two wasted no time in a fast,furious bang adding another hot load of cum to my now sloppy pussy.I quickly redressed and said farewell.

    With cum running out of my pussy,I was again on my way.Several young black men called to me from a balcony and invited me up.They were very nice,saying they noticed my tits several blocks away.They helped me remove my clothes and had me lie down. These guy called themselves "The Lucky 13". At my first glance at their naked bodies,,I thought the 13 referred to the length of their cocks instead of the number of their group.;all slender,well built,obvious bodybuilders.I thought I was in heaven as two guys started biting and sucking hard on my nipples.Others started feeling my leaking cunt and rubbing my clit.They were a bit rough but the combined ministrations had me in a frantic state of heat in just a few short minutes.As they continued working me over I felt a momentary surprise,then terror,when the guy shoving his fingers into my cunt as far as they would go pried the diaphragm from my cervix and pulled it out.

    Then someone found the heavy duty nipple clamps in my shorts and clamped each of my nipples.I screamed in agony.As I writhed and cried,wracked in tit agony;they showed me no mercy.As they continued working me over till I was again responding by moaning and raising my hips in time with the fingers fucking my cunt,suddenly a man held the cum-dripping diaphragm in front of my face and said,"We're all going to fuck that pussy without no condoms,you slut.What you think about that."?

    I told them they'd have to pull out and shoot their cum on my belly or let me suck them dry,one at a time. After the first stud agreed he parted my splayed thighs and mounted me.As I felt that first 13 inch cock slide all the way to the balls in my sloppy cunt I knew in the back of my mind that I would be in real trouble.After only a few short minutes of easy stroking I was beginning to really feel the animal lust overtake me and started to climax.While the stud fucked me harder I began to climax almost repeatedly as I urged him on.Telling him to fuck me harder still he picked up the pace,his balls slapping against my upturned ass.I was losing any faint hope of control and they knew it.I was close to the edge of a huge orgasm when the stud suddenly stopped.It was at that moment when my body took control over my mind,I just had to keep going.Yelling to him to fuck me deep,don't pull out,shoot all that hot cum deep in my uterus,fill my womb! That's all he needed to hear as he shoved all the way to my cervix,then shot spurt after huge spurt of that potent,virile black sperm right in to my utmost depths of my cunt as I simultaneously went over the edge into a huge orgasm.My cunt muscles convulsed around that spewing cock as if trying to pull the cock head right into my womb,milking every drop of seed that was left in those big,black balls. After shooting a huge load into my unprotected cunt my stud withdrew and rolled off.

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    I returned to my hotel a worn out wreck.Now I'm paying for all that fantastic sex and being such a slut in heat. After anxiously bathing,douching my very sore cunt I stopped to get a pregnancy test at the drug store. Well,those black guys did indeed knock me up.After this one is born I'm going to go back again next year. That's right,I'm going to go back to "The Lucky 13" again without any protection or birth control and beg them to impregnate me again.There will be some other gang fucks which I'll allow all my lovers to shoot their sperm deep in my womb so I can have their babies. And it won't be the last.

    Your slut/whore
  11. donall108

    donall108 Active Member

    I am searching for a particular Un Real People story titled "Carol's Believe it or Not" from the earlier issues around 57 or so.
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    NEHIGHLANDER Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Soooo. It looks like this kind of fantasy has been around for a long time. I bet this goes back far beyond the internet, XXX movies, novels and porn magazines. This I can imagine 18th century slave owners in the deep south having this fantasy. Then as now, most didn't follow through in real life.
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  13. donall108

    donall108 Active Member

    At least not that anyone would admit to for fear of public criticism and social consequences. Most of the earlier newsgroup stories I have read center around the revenge angle of cheating wives getting back at their racist husbands by enticing a black man to take them bareback,either lying about using birth control or one night stands at seedy bars. The plantation angle is well represented with many stories of that genre. Thanks
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  14. Roy Randall

    Roy Randall Active Member

    yes black men who publish these magazines did pretty good job..corrupting us..
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  15. Janice K

    Janice K Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I mentioned this in another thread but for those who haven't read it,.. my black boyfriend has an uncle whom we visited a couple years ago, and I don't remember what it was that brought up the subject of interracial stories but I was very surprised when he led us to a closet filled with plastic storage tubs full of old paperbacks and magazines. All of the paperback's were series of interracial stories and in another tub, was full of magazines, mostly Un Real and Taboo that Donall108 has been talking about. Obviously, because I was so amazed at everything, they left me there for an hour or more while I looked through his collection. I noticed that the Un Real and Taboo magazines were basically, swingers magazine but I found it interesting that about half of the ads where seeking interracial hook-ups.. There was an assortment of other magazines also, but like the two already mentioned, it wasn't hard to figure out that my boyfriends uncle had a huge interest in the interracial lifestyle.. I guess that explains why both his present wife and previous wife are white..

    Btw.. in reference to the last post by Roy Randall, it might interest you to know that the first page in the Un Real magazine, shows a picture of the EDITOR of the magazine, and he is white.. so your statement about black men who published those magazines doing a great job corrupting us, is wrong.. At least it was in reference to Un Real magazine anyway.
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  16. cadillacjoe

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    Sweet, I hope that the marriage was consummated the way you wanted it.
  17. cadillacjoe

    cadillacjoe Active Member Gold Member

    I remember coming across some of those magazines when I was much younger. I can still remember the intensity of my orgasms reading some of the personal stories. Probably what planted the seed of IR fucking in my head.