1. Real cuck captions

    Real cuck captions

    Please your girl . Dm me
  2. Gfwantsblacked


    In the form of gifs or captions i would like more content to show her and give even more reason to go black and never go back. Can you do your part in helping a white girl go black?
  3. ItsZiiip

    [Offer] Doing captions for you

    Hello. I can do captions for you. For some reference this is my tumblr. If you want to post the pics to over 12k followers I would be happy to do so but I won't post them if you don't want it. Just message me or post the pics here. I'm looking forward to your requests!
  4. P

    Please black my lady

    Hi everyone firsy post here. heres a few photos of my wife please black her n caption the pics and can i have some facials n creampies too. Thank you
  5. J

    Interracial Lesbian Captions

    White subs Black goddesses
  6. WillowMai

    Caption, Photoshop test

    Hey guys, girls and cucks, I wanna do a little test. I want to have the most creative Caption/Photoshop pics from using the pics I have. The most creative ones will get a personalised pic from me ;P So get creative :bounce:
  7. WillowMai

    Can anyone photoshop/caption me

    I always wanted to be photo shopped or captioned with Black guys in some of my pics ;3
  8. AlWyler 1169

    Ways I fantasize about situations the wife is subjected to.

    These are a few of the things that turn me on.
  9. C

    Who want to do some caption for us ?

    hello guys !! Anyone want to do some captions to our pics ? Dm us we would love too
  10. Freshman47

    Caption,photoshop or fake my gf

    Put your stamp, your favorite IR caption cuckold caption, put your self in the photo, just takes these sexy photo's of my slut gf and make them yours
  11. donall108

    Old Swinger's Mags Interracial Impregnation Stories and Ads

    Way back when in the late 60's to the late 80's when Interracial Swinger's mags like Unreal People,Taboo,etc. were popular,there were lot's of reader's stories and other sourced fantasy stories dealing with the subject of cheating white wives becoming pregnant with their black lovers. Some of...
  12. C

    These girls need blacked

    The girls from this thread definitely need shopped and captioned!
  13. SAlatina

    Latina Love...tribute, photoshop, caption

    Ok fellas, looking for any tributes, photoshops or captions of this Latina slut. Do your thing!!
  14. Devrenemcc

    photoshop or caption my pics

    pI would love it if someone would Photoshop/caption my pics :)
  15. S

    Captions: They've all gone Black.

    Some IR captions for you all.