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    She made
  2. irnation

    That time you asked your wife to stop seeing her black boyfriend (captions)

    Some captions I made about the lighter side of bbc cuckolding If folks seem to like them, I'll post more here . . .
  3. PDX333

    Jlongdaddy Appreciation Thread

    Just a thread to share edits and general appreciation for @Jlongdaddy who is keeping the world's wives, girlfriends and just plain horny women satisfied with his monster member.
  4. NC4Huge

    Will you make me some QUALITY captions?? 🤔 😄😄😄🍑🍑♠♠♠😈😈😈🍆🍆

    I've been searching for a long time for someone who is amazing at captions and edits!!! I'd REALLY like to develop an ongoing thing!! If you're interested, show me what you've got and make an awesome caption for one of the pics below! I'll message you if I love it!! THANKS for reading and...
  5. wifecanplay

    Wife needs captions, tributes and bbc fakes

    As title says. Who can help out?
  6. TinyTim0784

    Photoshop or caption Amanda

  7. Sieplus x

    Putting this out there- any BBC that would like to send me a cum tribute, please do.

    Cum on me and make me your slut? Cum on me and make me your slut? Love the idea of strangers from across the world jerking off over my photos and covering me with cum, who is game?
  8. K

    Mistress Kitty's Interracial and Cuckold Captions

    Some of you may know me from places like Tumblr and Newtumbl. If you don't know me you are in for a treat. I'm here to turn you on. I'm here to take you to that place you want to go. I mostly do my own captions for fun but I can be persuaded to use you or someone you know at times. I can also...
  9. megamiIk


    LOVE MAKING BBC/BNWO CAPTIONS, Would love to hear your suggestions and ideas for captions! 🖤 Let me know if you would like me to post more!
  10. N

    Anybody faked

    Im make pretty good fakes, and as of right now i have free time for the foreseeable future. I dont charge, and i dont save pictures. I work through Kik because its much simpler to do so. Anybody thats interested please pm me. Sample video of what i can do.
  11. New Clients

    New Clients

    I am a white guy looking for QOS in NJ. Please message me.
  12. C

    ****** Bi, No Oral

    One of my biggest fetishes is ******-bi and encouraged-bi. But one of my biggest turn-off's is male-on-male-oral. Its a wild contradiction, I know. But the heart wants what the heart wants. I'm looking for interracial ******-bi content (captions, erotica, and videos) that don't include, or...
  13. jacked21up

    Fake BNWO please

    Fake BNWO please
  14. Interracial Story

    Interracial Story

  15. Our Culture is Changing

    Our Culture is Changing

  16. IMG_20191118_113705066b.jpg


    captions by Joe T
  17. my panties say it all, dont they?

    my panties say it all, dont they?

    he does make sexy "caption" pictures of me..
  18. Ready To Leave Your Husband? Who Isn't Lol

    Ready To Leave Your Husband? Who Isn't Lol

  19. German_Milf

    Tribute me please

    Tribute or Photoshop me please