1. Jett27

    Black male interested in talking to White females

    Black male from South Africa.. I'm looking forward to chatting with naughty White females Let me hear how nasty you are and tell all your fantasies... Let's see if you're up for it DM me
  2. SaskiaJay

    Cuck experiences!♠️

    I wanted to discuss how did you become a cuck? It all started for me when I mentioned to my partner about a threesome, it grew from there and she shared her desire for BBC, I was hesitant at first but I wanted to support her desire and now I’m excited for her to do it and complete her dream. I...
  3. U

    Questions for Bulls

    I’ve been really interested in cuckolding for over 10 years. I’ve been in a relationship with my wife for 20 years, married for over 15. She knows all about my preferences, but doesn’t seem interested in going further than playing with our bbc realistic dildos along with light humiliating...
  4. Waiting ... and then ;).mp4

    Waiting ... and then ;).mp4

    The last 20-30 minutes before a new guest arrives are very exciting. So many hopes and desires.
  5. M

    Fantasien Bewertung

    Hey :) Ich weiß nicht ob ich richtig hier bin, falls nicht tut mir die Störung leid.. Wir sind ein paar beide Anfang 20 und ich möchte meine Freundin gerne einmal "ausleihen" :) Gerne auch erstmal online, also auf ihre Bilder wixxen, darauf spritzen oder einfach über sie schreiben, sie bewertet...
  6. Reemon

    Christian couple in egypt with a fantasy of Muslim bull

    We are couple from Egypt, male 47 fe 42 both Egyptian and wan to explore sharing her she is excited yet bit worried We seek dominant gentlemen who is experienced to lead us and prefers to be foreigner and to host in classy setup
  7. M

    Post your favorite women that you would like to see them get blacked

    I will start first....
  8. L

    Interracial Origins

    Does anyone have any particular fetishes or fantasies that they feel developed their interracial desires? For my wife and I it was our love of the "Furry" fandom. We would be lions, and my wife would be having an affair with zebras... Not always by choice... She said she was having these...
  9. Neat_Admin


  10. T

    What is your Ultimate fantasy?

    describe your BBC fantasy, or BBCs discuss your naughty fantasies about white women/couples
  11. B

    Unfortunately BWC is better than BBC

    Thank u all :)
  12. programmed2plz

    Wild Vacation Encounters and Fantasies

    Good evening everyone, Hope everyone is doing well this week. It's been a while. I sometimes hear about some wild vacation encounters and fantasies either online or conversing with friends and acquaintances. It sounds exciting and lately while booking for my vacation trips this year, I now want...
  13. mfmfantasy50

    We are so far a straight couple that gets turned on by fantasies

    We are so far a straight couple that gets turned on by fantasies of MFMF, MFM, Cuckold, Dominance, *******-Fetish, Cock Milking Machines, Fucking Machines, Femdom, Cock & Ball *******, eSTIM *******, Chastity, Cuckold Pegging, Vaginal Denial, Ruined Orgasms, Bondage, ****** Sex, Cum Eating...
  14. Bruce Bus

    Looking for a chat

    Hello all! Sometime ago i opened that my lovely gf is curious to watch Black muscled guys in some movies. I dont want to hurry her, but i also like to watch interracial porn, so if any bulls or couples want to chat with me, please pm me. And yes, i also want to chat about this theme with qos
  15. E


    in england there are towns with 98% white people. imagine all these busty blonde women wearing fake tan with nice big ass everywhere. a hung Jamaican stud is one of the only black men around. imagine he walks into a club and every woman in there aged from 18-50 secretly wants his bbc. they all...
  16. IMG_2938.mp4


    One of my wife’s biggest fantasies here getting used and taken by a few hung black guys wearing balaclavas or masks She’s gotten off on this for a long while now lol
  17. meandurwife

    Does anyone else have same situation?

    Hello to all cuckold couples and Hotwifes, So I decided to ask this question I have been thinking for quite a while. Although I have been in several fantasies and roleplay with couples but there was something which I thought I won't like at first and now I started living it. One cuckold...
  18. D

    Couple in Asia

    International caucasian couple living and working in Asia and have busy lives. We absolutely love each other and what the world can offer behind closed doors. We have many fantasies and have already acted on many. The wife will be the one in control of what will happen. But that does not mean...
  19. D


    So last night I had a dream that a beautiful big black bull came in my room and destroyed my pussy and asshole it was so hot I want to make this a reality