1. D


    So last night I had a dream that a beautiful big black bull came in my room and destroyed my pussy and asshole it was so hot I want to make this a reality
  2. R

    Any guys wish this fetish didn’t excite them?

    I both love and hate this fantasy. When ever I jack off to to the thought of my wife getting blacked, it turns me on like nothing else. I cum so hard thinking about it. But after I just feel so ashamed that I’m having theses thoughts and liking them. Anybody feel the same way?
  3. donall108

    Old Swinger's Mags Interracial Impregnation Stories and Ads

    Way back when in the late 60's to the late 80's when Interracial Swinger's mags like Unreal People,Taboo,etc. were popular,there were lot's of reader's stories and other sourced fantasy stories dealing with the subject of cheating white wives becoming pregnant with their black lovers. Some of...