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Like an author's stories? Support them!

It sounds simple. It really is. And it's vital.

If you enjoy reading erotic stories and want to keep doing so, then you should support the author of the stories you like. How can you do that? Easy.

1. Rate the story. Most sites give you a way, be it stars, a number, whatever.
2. Post a public comment. Say what turned you on. Mention what didn't. This serves two purposes. It helps the writer improve their work. It also attracts other readers who enjoy the same turn-ons as you.
3. Post a private comment. Which accomplishes the first benefit listed for #2 above.
4. Send the author an e-mail. Another version of #3 above. Except you might be surprised and experience more direct interactions with the author through this path, which could open up all kinds of unexpected opportunities.
5. Spread the word. This one really matters. One of the most powerful marketing mechanisms is word-of-mouth, which you can use. Or not. I mean this thing is practically Jedi-worthy in its power and it's yours to wield.
6. Buy their stuff. Money talks. If you like them enough and they have something to sell, then give them your money shot. For the author it is literally a mini payday. Guess what that motivates them to do?

That's about it. I would encourage you to pick one or more from the above and show your love. I don't care what site is involved... BtW or otherwise... please let the authors that you like know you want them to carry on. Really. Because, for many, there are lots of fresh and compelling reasons for them to stop. Erotica writers often evaluate the trade-off for what they do and what it takes. That could happen daily. So we want the positives to outweigh the negatives in their minds.

I don't know about you, but I personally think the world needs a lot more erotic, passionate sex in it.