1. JuicyPeach253

    Video posting question

    Hello, New to the forum. I've never been with a black man before but I do have a video of me popping it on strange during a recent MFM. Am I allowed to post for reference?
  2. CoachMoKnows

    Question for the Husbands/Boyfriends

    This is still a rather new fantasy for me. But, I am obsessed right now and I have a lot of questions, but for now still kinda exploring what all I like. Let's just say, the list hasn't been narrowed down much, lol. I have been taken away by all the things I have read, seen and dreamed about...
  3. NEwant2becuck

    do any couples

    Do any interracial couples like to fuck in front of white guys? Or if you are in a cuck relationship do you like your bull or your wifes Bull to fuck in front of white guys (other than the husband).. My first experience with this lifestyle was an interracial couple, white woman and black man I...
  4. M

    Anyone know where to find full video

  5. curiousMartin

    My cock is like black dick

    hi im Martin 22 im white but i mean my cock is big i have big stamina in sex , i dont understand why black cocks are better?