1. Beefsupreme

    Respect for the cuck?

    So do u view the cuck that lets u fuck his wife as a little bitch? or do u see him as ok since they let u in? Just wondered how every1 but the cucks felt about it.
  2. T

    Genuine Curiosity

    Hi everyone. I'm a 19-year-old black male. I'm a virgin and have decided to be abstinent. The purpose of me creating an account was really to ask a couple of questions if people aren't offended by me asking. I want to say this now that I am in no way judging anyone of you by your lifestyles nor...
  3. H

    Question for experienced mothers?

    Has joining the lifestyle effected your opinion of your white sons? Do you view them differently?
  4. Beefsupreme

    Do u like gangbangs?

    So what do u like about being in a gangbang? For the women, do u like one at a time and get pounded for hours or all at once? How many guys and how long did it last?
  5. T

    Does BBC change woman's coochie lips or fullness of?

    Noticed my young wife's coochie looked so much different in yoga pants especially. Of course she felt looser but was extremely wet because we talked about “her interracial fantasy” that she swore she had never did... Yet I've definitely noticed her vaginal lips look so much fuller and even kinda...
  6. Youngsisboy

    Bulls for 3some

    Question for the bulls, if a couple wanted to meet up with you to have a 3some would you be interested? Not really cucking the white guy but do most of the fucking with the boyfriend getting a little action here and there
  7. C

    Frage an die Cucks/Sissys/Bi's

    Hallo, mich würde Mal interessieren ob ihr euer Sperma schluckt oder nur das von anderen:p Seid ihr Bi, Sissy oder Cuck und warum, was gefällt euch daran?(: Steht ihr speziell nur auf BBC's oder generell Schwänze/ große Schwänze. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Cumlover.
  8. DdotK

    Big Dick Problems?

    Im not one of the biggest but i've had issues. Thru grade school and highschool girls wasnt adjusted to my size so i never got to finish or fuck them how i wanted. Only been fully deepthroated twice and anal is only stick the head in and about two inches till she gives up. Maybe im meeting the...
  9. RhodyMass BBC


    To all the sexy ladies out there who loves the essence of a black man, how do like your bulls pubic hair?
  10. K

    I have something to ask

    Simple question: what would you do to me?
  11. Realhunt

    Bull with queen's

    Hello was wondering if any other bulls bring the wife, girlfriend etc with them to meet cuckold couple. My wife like to watch from the sideline while I have my way with cu Cucks wife. She sometimes have the cuck eat her out spank them etc. Cuckolds do yall enjoy being submissive black man and...
  12. intrssttgrl

    Should I go Black?

    Hey guys! I am new to this website, so here goes nothing... Should I go black?? About a year ago I discovered that I became increasingly attracted to black guys, but I have a boyfriend who I am very happy with so I didn't really act on it. I did start watching interracial porn. There is just...
  13. JuicyPeach253

    Video posting question

    Hello, New to the forum. I've never been with a black man before but I do have a video of me popping it on strange during a recent MFM. Am I allowed to post for reference?
  14. CoachMoKnows

    Question for the Husbands/Boyfriends

    This is still a rather new fantasy for me. But, I am obsessed right now and I have a lot of questions, but for now still kinda exploring what all I like. Let's just say, the list hasn't been narrowed down much, lol. I have been taken away by all the things I have read, seen and dreamed about...
  15. NEwant2becuck

    do any couples

    Do any interracial couples like to fuck in front of white guys? Or if you are in a cuck relationship do you like your bull or your wifes Bull to fuck in front of white guys (other than the husband).. My first experience with this lifestyle was an interracial couple, white woman and black man I...
  16. M

    Anyone know where to find full video

  17. curiousMartin

    My cock is like black dick

    hi im Martin 22 im white but i mean my cock is big i have big stamina in sex , i dont understand why black cocks are better?