1. L

    I need help throwing a Blacked/BBC themed party!

  2. kalkal

    Receiving mixed messages - help!

    I opened up to my interested about seeing my fiancé taking a bbc in front of me. Her interest was definitely piqued as she kept asking more questions as to why I would like something like that. In the end she closed out the conversation by saying she doesn’t want threesomes or polygamy. She...
  3. A

    Anyone now who this QOS is ?

  4. greendayrocks

    Men, if you know a meetup is coming do you masturbate at all before?

    Do you masturbate between meetups or just enjoy them each time?
  5. HeyItsEricaB

    Hey, I'm Erica.

    Hey, I didn’t plan on posting on here but I’ve gotten a few messages so I felt like I should introduce myself and say why I am here and answer some of the common questions I am getting to avoid disappointing people further lol. I am Erica (my real name) and I am 21 (about to be 22!) My pfp is...
  6. mywayintermsofsex

    A few Questions for Women: In denial... but progressing?

    Before I ask my questions let me tell you about something I just stumbled upon on a porn tube site... and I think it's rather funny. ;) There is a video montage clip uploaded by a xHamster member (Anotherhotwife) titled "Training for White Women: Introduction", and the very first comment to...
  7. mywayintermsofsex

    Question for Women and Black men: PiV-free white husbands?

    It's been discussed before that the theme of wives or girlfriends cuckolding their husbands or boyfriends with Black men is mostly a white male driven fantasy as a multitude of posts in many webforums and blogs created by white males prove. It seems that just the recent one or two years an...
  8. D

    What type of porn would she do

    Just based on her body other than bbc what type of porn would she make
  9. programmed2plz

    What subtle things the opposite sex does that turns you on?

    Evening everyone, Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I'm just curious as to what small, subtle things that someone does that turns you on. For example, when a woman locks eyes with mine, that's a turn on. When she either wears my shirt or grabs my hat from my head and wears it, that is also a...
  10. programmed2plz

    Who else doesn't get turned on by the sight of a woman’s vagina?

    Not sure how to explain but everytime a woman either flashes her vagina or opens her lovely legs, or even have a camel toe, it doesn't turn me on. I love giving oral and having sex but not being turned on for me seems pretty weird considering that most of my friends, acquaintances, and coworkers...
  11. toofunforfun

    Black guys what goes through your head when you are fucking a wife?

    It's so hot I wanna know! What attracts you to fucking our wives? Secondly, what goes through your mind while you are fucking our wives and seeing them naked? :sex:🔥
  12. S

    What is the appeal? [Serious]

    I have lurked on this site for a while. Additionally, I've done some research in trying to understand why this particular "kink" is what does it for me. There are few academic papers on why 'cuckolding' and 'hotwifing' — with a specific interracial spin — are so popular. Yet, this all feels very...
  13. toofunforfun

    Almost Impossible

    This was posted on another forum but I wanna hear your opinions: "Does anyone find BBC threesomes/IR cuckolding almost impossible to have within a relationship? It's like you have to find the trifecta of 1. A White girl who'd fuck a black guy 2. One that's okay with threesomes or involving...
  14. A

    Genuine Question About People Besides Men and Women.

    I made this account purely because I cant find this question anywhere on here. Can trans women or nonbinary fem people partake in this site? I'm so into interracial, Queens of Spades, beautiful black cock, cucking small white dicks, and everything else on this sight, but I'm not a natural born...
  15. Funkybunny

    Question for the ladies

    I have a friend 😉 who is having a difficult time. Her self esteem is quite low. Her sex Drive is also quite low. And to top things off, she’s never ever had an orgasm during sex! So do any of you think all of the above be wiped away by an evening with A bull? Any of you ever experience this...
  16. Beefsupreme

    Respect for the cuck?

    So do u view the cuck that lets u fuck his wife as a little bitch? or do u see him as ok since they let u in? Just wondered how every1 but the cucks felt about it.
  17. T

    Genuine Curiosity

    Hi everyone. I'm a 19-year-old black male. I'm a virgin and have decided to be abstinent. The purpose of me creating an account was really to ask a couple of questions if people aren't offended by me asking. I want to say this now that I am in no way judging anyone of you by your lifestyles nor...
  18. H

    Question for experienced mothers?

    Has joining the lifestyle effected your opinion of your white sons? Do you view them differently?
  19. Beefsupreme

    Do u like gangbangs?

    So what do u like about being in a gangbang? For the women, do u like one at a time and get pounded for hours or all at once? How many guys and how long did it last?
  20. T

    Does BBC change woman's coochie lips or fullness of?

    Noticed my young wife's coochie looked so much different in yoga pants especially. Of course she felt looser but was extremely wet because we talked about “her interracial fantasy” that she swore she had never did... Yet I've definitely noticed her vaginal lips look so much fuller and even kinda...