Your Interracial Fantasy

What do you fantasize about? (choose as many as you like)

  • My wife taking a HUGE black cock for the first time.

    Votes: 125 56.3%
  • My wife sucking a big black dick.

    Votes: 105 47.3%
  • A black stud eating my wife's pussy and making her cum.

    Votes: 49 22.1%
  • My wife kissing a black man.

    Votes: 79 35.6%
  • My wife getting a big load in her pussy.

    Votes: 93 41.9%
  • Cleaning up my wife's cream pie.

    Votes: 52 23.4%
  • My wife banging more than one black stud.

    Votes: 105 47.3%
  • Watching my wife fuck a black man.

    Votes: 122 55.0%
  • Being humiliated and cuckolded by my wife and her black bull.

    Votes: 51 23.0%
  • All of the above.

    Votes: 59 26.6%

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Glad to hear that your wife is a good white slut for black men. You should be very proud of her and be lucky that she loves black cock. Is she branded at all with a tattoo ye showing that she is an exclusive white slut for black men? I bet you love hearing her describe her encounters with black men. Do you jerk off as she tells you her stories?
She is not branded , yet. Still working on that but hopefully soon! I do enjoy listening to her tell me about her encounters. She says she has had to suck all their black cocks, some have ate her pussy some haven't but they have all came in her!!!! She usually fucks me silly when she tells me so no need to jerk it off.
Well she looks very pretty and I'm sure the black guys love fucking her. Maybe that's why she doesnt want you to be there because she doesn't want to worry about how your feeling or one of the blk bulls humiliating you while they are fucking her. What ever the reason is it sounds like you have a great lifestyle.
My ex and I went to the Bahamas on a cruise, and took a cab back to the ship late one night. We started fooling around in the back seat, me licking her and then fucking her . The black cab driver stopped and watched us. He was jacking off, would have loved to seen her little white hand at least jack him off. Got a glimpse of his unit (think she did too) honestly it wasnt like some of the pics here, kinda similar to mine. But it was still exciting as hell


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My first fantasy was to just watch IR porn with my wife. Soon it became about openly talking about how big blk guys were. Once that happened it was for her to try a large blk dildo. Then it was to see her take an even bigger black dildo. Then it was to have her ask me to put the black black dick dildo inside her and hear her cum. All those fantasies have happend. My next is for her to have sex with a real bbc.


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I'm single but I would like to watch a hot 20 something white girl or wife who is the image of nice and moral, someone you would never suspect of doing it, but when she tries an big older black man is turned into a bbc slut,
see her go from Ms. Nice to Ms. Naughty FOR REAL turned into a 24/7 black dick whore over night, sucking, fucked multi-orgasmed, and knocked up.
1669577231_ce5d8e2713_z.JPG 6522502553_08f7e2c682_o.jpg
I think my fantasy is watching my wife get fucked, hearing her moan, seeing her pussy stretched around another mans cock and knowing she is loving every second of it. The man being black just adds to the jealousy and excitment which is why I would prefer him to be black. I think if she does this she will feel more satisfied, and be happy, thats only going to make me happier and make our sex life better. She has agreed to try it though.
my fantasy is being locked in a jail cell with a BBC overnight........ mmmmmm. Or randomly choosing sexy BBCS to come fuck me at random. you guys are the best wanting your wives fucked by BBC
My wife didn't enjoy her first experience, (we were separated at the time) but she has agreed to try it again. i think she will enjoy her experience this time when it happens, and want to keep on doing it.