Your first BBC experience are you long time veteran or rookie ?


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Been 20 years, lost my virginity to a black guy in college. It did hurt. Dated other races, but my personal preference is with black guys, just not sex only. Have had quite a bit of experience since and love it
Aahh yes 20 yrs in , definitely a veteran thnx for sharing your story luv 😘


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It's nearly 7 years ago that we got into the lifestyle, Frisky's first guy outside of marriage was a black guy.
He was a lovely guy but only average.
She tried a couple of white guys, then she met Pete and after him decided apart from myself, she was only sleeping with black guys.

We are still good friends with Pete and we have lost count of the guys that have had her.
Some have been great, others good, the odd average guy and a couple of useless guys.