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Young married couple into Cuckold lifestyle

Hi I'm 24 and my husband is 27. We've been into cuckolding for awhile just haven't taken the big step yet. Is this normal for a couple our age? When i was 18 i had sex with a black man alot older than me and i was kind of scared at first until he started and then i was in heaven it felt like. I was very loud lol but i couldnt help it and i had multiple orgasms. His dick was huge. Ive been into black guys ever since that incident. I am happily married now and want just strictly sex. I want an older black man 34-38 age range to hang out and spend weekend with me and my hubby.


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re: Young married couple into Cuckold lifestyle
Is this normal for a couple our age?
As long as its not replacing your normal sexual relationship with each other, who's to say what's normal anymore? The key to any kind of sexual norm deviation is staying centered to each other. Its when you start desiring/giving preferences to others over your spouse that the problems often occur. Treat your marriage like a "partnership" in which its survival requires both of you to be focused to each other's needs.
Have fun with it!
I was 28 and my ex (at the time) was the same age. She was regularly cuckolding me with her two ex bfs and would occasionally fuck strange men. I've been interested in cuckolding for a while too and if I found someone that was in it at when I was 24...well, we would have had an amazing time exploring the lifestyle together. And might still. I'm not sure what is "normal" for a young married couple. Sure, it seems most cuckold couples skew older but that doesn't matter. There are definitely a lot of young married couples (and unmarried couples) interested in the lifestyle too and I'm sure some young couple or bull will mention their experiences. I think what matters is that you both do what will make you happy and enjoy yourselves.