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!!!!!!!!!!YOU HAVE 1 ANSWER TO GIVE!!!!!!!!! YES or NO

I am this Young black African guy who own that cock on my profile and pictures stock, I am 22 now, single, never married, no kids, living alone with a kitten ""Santana"" working as a Cleaner in a local restaurant of my community, as I am living in a Paradisaical Town, cute and beautiful, full of Beaches,Zoo, and many other Attractive Areas, where many peoples from other country come as tourist, that from where I came with the Idea of joining this BLACK TO WHITE, because since the last day I fuck that German white woman of 43 yrs with a nice boot,cute face that I cum on it, nice mouth that she used to drink my cum,suck and clean my dick, my ball AND she also cleaned my ass,she had that soft open pussy a tied ass, that I barebacked, I openly destroyed her ass and pussy everyday she was coming to meet me after my work hours, sometime I go to her Hotel, I fuck her up, drink get drunk fuck like Animals with no feeling but full of violence sex and dirty act taking place, I have totally lost my mind and I have only one dream,hope,Idea,plan,wish to get out of this Country to any white men country by the help of any Cuclold Single or Married couples or wife who will house and feed me, and allow me to misuse and occupy my self by playing on her body, everyday,everywhere,anytime as long as she will support to receive me in her.
That is all about me, Now tel me what you think about me, what you can do for me, what you will like to do with me, what you will like me to do first and secondly what you will like me to do for you, thirdly what you will like me to do with you.
I am all yours, are you ready to take me with you? YES or NO