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Wifes black and white dildos

IMAG0099_BURST001.jpg IMAG0053~3 (1).jpg Myself and my wife started using toys a few months ago she never really liked them much she would just rub them up and down her clit she always said I felt better andwarm that the dildo felt fake we are marriedfour years now and have two kids she was avirgin when we got married I'm the only guyshe has ever slept with and she comes froman old fashioned religious family marry oneguy and no sex out of marriage if you knowwhat I mean we where married for a yearand a half before we watched any porn wewhere apart for a week and I was talking to her on the phone it was about midnight shewas in bed and I asked her what was hernaughty fantasies and she told me she hadnone and asked me what was mine I toldher I'd love for some guy to fuck her in theass while she was untop of my cock and shesaid really would you like that and I saidwell the thought of it turns me on she neverreally said much about it so I said come ontell me your fantasy and she said I havenone but would you like to watch some porn something and that's when porn gotintroduced into our marriage we watched itjust a few times after that noting serious it'sjust with the last few months things is getting more serious it's kinda a routinething now her dressing up on the weekends after a night out or maybe a good fewglasses of wine at home she gets on her heels , fishnet body stockings or corsets orwhatever and watch porn she gives thegreatest blow job ever now with quite a lot of practice in four years I can always makeher cum I've always felt big on her or insideher if you know what I mean there wasn'tmuch room in her vagina when my peniswas in there she was really tight and would often have multiple orgasms during sex but lately I've noticed that there's a little moreroom in her vagina it feels a little like my penis is a little shade skinny for the hole I'mnot stretching it any more and during sex she grabs me by the ass with both hands andpulls me into her hard and when she is on top of me I can feel her pushing up anddown me harder like she needs more but she still have orgasms but she has to try alittle harder sometimes but I don't mind this the sex is still great we where at the mallcarpark a few weeks ago and she has a greatass in jeans I was in the car she was walkingacross the car park and two black guys honkthe horn as she walked passed there car andI said it to her and she said I know blackguys always gives me a hard time andlaughed it of and I simply replied would you blame them look at that sexy body so tomake a long story short that weekend wewhere watching porn she just came home from the club she was kinda drunk wewhere watching porn but it was all white people on the video's I could tell she was sobored then I put on a video of a similarlooking blonde lady like herself being fucked by a BBC when she seen that she saidoh baby please leave this video on I love videos with blonde girls but I was thinkingthe girls on the all white porn videos hadblonde her but I never said it to her so nextweekend I went to the store and picked up avideo of blacks on blondes I came home thatevening she was in one of her naughty outfits and she had quite a few glasses ofwine on her I put on the video while she liedon her back watching it I could tell shereally liked it there was a black guy pounding a blonde girl with a huge cock shewas rubbing her clit moaning and she suddenly slipped up and said oh imaginethat in my pussy I said what did you saybecause she is not the kind to ever say anything like that and she said oh no baby Imeant your cock but I know what she meantI said no baby your ok imagine that hugecock inside your tight pussy I handed her ablack veined dildo the one in the pictureabove and while she watch that video of thebull pounding the blonde she fucked her pussy to a really hard orgasm moaning andactually squealing like I never heard hermoan before while I was telling her imagine that huge cock in her pussy she was sohorny she ate my cock and fucked me so hard then this continued for a number ofweeks last month she was on top me watching porn while she was fucking me she said to me let's close our eyes and imagine it was the first time we met eachother and we are having sex for the first time so I said ok baby I played along withher for a few minutes then I said it's my turn she said ok I said look at that video the girlin the porn video was on top of the huge cock I said now close your eyes and imaginethat's you fucking that black cock she said ok she closed her eyes and I said to her doyou like that black cock in your pussy she pushed back on my cock and she yelled oh Ilove that black cock in my pussy and she kept on repeating it ontil we both camereally hard then a few weeks ago I went to the sex store and bought her a much bigger ticker dildo than her black one and muchbigger than me her new dildo has a suction cup and it's alot more realistic that night Iintroduced it to her she said oh it's so realistic I started to fuck her pussy with itand she came really quick then I showed herhow the suction cup works she stuck it to a chair and started to fuck it the grit of it ismuch ticker than me and she never hadanything as tick as it as far as I knowanyway she fucked up and down it with real long strokes that wouldn't be possible with my penis she slapped her fat ass and she actually started to squeeze her own ass and I mean really hard squeezing her nails into her ass cheeks ass she moaned to andorgasm she had an orgasm in about 20 seconds on this new dildo she really likes it and she have used it a few times nowfucking in different positions I had herdoggystyle it while she was sucking my cock at the same time and any time we arehaving sex now and if I tell her get one ofher toys it's the big suction cup one shebrings to bed and then last week the mostweirdest and disappointing thing happenedwe where watching interracial porn theonly type that used to turn her on which isBBC pounding blondes that looked likeherself but anyway we where in bed I put on an interracial video and she said oh you always puts on interracial porn she said Idon't like it so I just turned it off the sexwasnt as exciting as usual and that was over a week ago I'm actually away on businesssince then so we had no sex since and she went to her mum's with the kids just on till I get home I don't know what went wrong maybe she hadn't got alcohol in her systembecause that's when she gets real nasty but then again I got out of the shower about twomonths ago it was daytime she was in bed naked watching interracial porn while she was waiting on me I never asked her to putit on it was in the middle of the day she alsooften asked me about black guys ever before I showed her interracial porn is it really true that there really like that which she meanthuge penis and I replied yes so here I amnow puzzled after all the signs did she mean it or not what do you guys think abouteverything I told you about my wife