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my wife asked to watch one of my interacial films, whilst i pleasure her with my mouth and very large dildo. she was on her hands and knees glued to my iphone watching a white bbw slut taking shane diesel hard. she told me to fuck her loose pussy and tell her how stretched her pussy felt. she came from me telling her, "your pussy is so loose i can hardly feel it!" then she asked me to go down on her. which i did! then she called me a perv? but, who asked to watch the film! i think she really getting into it.
any comments are more than welcome
My hubby was not into ti at first but the first time we did bbc i told his after i was all filled up atht i forgot to take my pill, and he was more than happy to eat my creampie. After then he would eat me out even if he was the one that filled me up. heheh ;), just saying younever know if u will like something unless u try it.


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;), just saying you never know if u will like something unless u try it.
well, I know I wouldn't like sticking my dick in a meat grinder, pushing a sharp stick in my eye, or pushing my tongue up someone's ass, and I've never tried those things, either. "Just saying!" ... as you say. :confused:


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Oh come on Mac, you've got 2 eyes and how can you say you wouldn't like sticking your dick in a meat grinder??? :confused::confused: You couldn't know unless you try it at least once!

I'm surprised to hear you've never stuck your tongue up your wife's ass. :eek: You should try it, but not unless she's bathed and did a lower flush job. Drives them crazy, especially if you give her a nice rub job on her clit at the same time. Using a Hitachi wand is even better. ;)
Just don't go back to eating her cunt afterward without doing a mouthwash first, just in case.
While your mouth can handle some some extra bugs, her pussy can't.