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You and your wife couldn’t believe your luck, having won a trip to Trinidad and Tobago.
The two of you hadn’t been on a real vacation since your honeymoon five years ago.

The first thing that hit you when the plane landed was the warm climate.
At home you could a couple of weeks of warm weather, but this was something else.
The breeze from the taxi ride over to the hotel felt amazing.
The resort the two of you were staying at was quite a bit away from the other tourist hotels, 
even having its own private beach.
The first evening at the resort you and your wife walked around taking the place in.
Most of the other people staying there were white couples like yourselves.
A day later as you were laying down on the beach, you couldn’t believe how sexy your wife looked, in her new bikini, her skin shining from the heat.
Later that day your wife had talked to another couple, 
and they had suggested that she should try the N’bago Massage.
Even though you had had a few drinks and were enjoying just laying around the pool area, 
your wife convinced you to come along.
After having been shown to a private room, the woman that came with you told the two of you to take off your clothes, and lay down on the massage tables, as she then left.
You felt a bit embarrassed as you laid there naked, but your wife looked amazing lying on her stomach, completely naked.
As you had laid there for a few moments, the curtain behind you opened and you were rather surprised to see this big black man walk inside. 
Not only did he have muscles everywhere, the only thing he was wearing was a pouch that barely covered this huge bulge between his legs.
Your wife had her eyes closed so she hadn’t seen him yet, but you couldn’t help but to feel a bit worried, as your wife was laying there all naked, and you had expected a woman to come in.
As you looked at him, he picked up a bottle of oil and poured some on his hands as he then rubbed it on himself, soon his arms and chest were all shiny with oil.
After he had oiled himself up, he walked over to your wife and slowly poured some oil onto her back, as he then began to gently run his hands over her back, which made your wife smile.
As you watched as this black man rubbed your wife’s legs, running his hands up to her thighs, close to her butt, you couldn’t help but to feel jealous. But then you realized that your penis had gotten so hard by watching this, you had never actually felt it that hard before.
And not a second later he had ran his hands up to your wife’s butt and was now rubbing her ass, 
and as you looked over at her face you could see that she was enjoying it. 
After some more of this he then told your wife to turn over with his deep voice, which you thought would surprise your wife, realizing that it had been a black man who had been massaging her.
But instead she just turned over, keeping her eyes closed exposing her fully naked front to him.
As he poured some oil on her belly and began to rub it in, you knew that she had to know that it was a man who was massaging her, but your wife didn’t seem to mind at all, in fact she seemed to embrace it.
Then something that had been flashing through your mind happened, this black man began rubbing your wife’s breasts, squeezing and fondling them as she let out a moan.
As you saw this your penis felt so hard pressing down on the massage table you were on, 
that you just had to turn over.
As the black man saw this, he pulled off the pouch that had been covering his genitals, and by doing so revealing the biggest blackest cock you had ever seen.
He then stepped up behind your wife’s head, and as he leaned forward massaging her belly, his huge cock hung down resting on your wife’s face. She looks over at you and all you can do is nod your head sheepishly as your hand goes to your hard cock. She takes him in her mouth and begins sucking that huge black cock. You stop stroking yourself because you're on the verge of cumming. You just lay there and watch. He moves around the table and pushes your wife's legs apart and moves between them. He looks at you and says, "this is why you came here, isn't it?"

What would you do ?