Two sides of masculinity

Are there any women out there for whom simultaneously having partners with very contrasting characters would be an attractive proposition? I, of course, am talking about an interracial cuckold relationship in which the black male displays more dominant traits both physically and behaviorally and a white male who displays more empathic traits.
As a white male with the latter traits such a relationship is and has been a strong desire for me for quite a time now and am looking for a partner to complement my desired relationship style.


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I imagine there are. You're question is one that's been asked several times before, but has been asked in a different way. That is, are there any women out there that desire to have a relationship with a man who's desires are to be her cuckold?
Is that correct?

You'd provide for her in every way ... home, clothes, car, pay utilities, food, clean house, etc ... and of course she could pursue as many lovers (bulls) as she so desired as long as you could watch?! She wouldn't even be obligated to provide you sex, just be seen with you and accompany you to dinners, movies, etc. I believe that she would call you a sugar daddy, first and foremost. You could redefine yourself, however, as her "cuck" if that word so pleased you. :p

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