This site cracks me up, here you have some people i would say a mere 1% on here who are real and some what dedicated to the lifestyle and then you have the other 99% that falls into one of two categories. The first one being just your average voyeur who calls themselves a cuckold who in all actuality are just your typical run of the mill voyeur or swinger. Then you have the second group the fakers and talkers, you know the type, the ones who post things like. " Oh my god i would love to see my wife take a dick like that, or can i clean up, or i have a wife or girlfriend who wants to be black bred" but they really don't have either but they will pretend to have one. They even go so far as to post pics from internet porn pics, or Photoshop some, just so they can get dick pics. Oh i cant let the fellas off the hook either. Those are the ones that really crack me up. They are the ones who fall for it every time. They will write shit like i would love to fuck that tight white pussy, or bring her my way. LMAO Yeah i have been fooled a few times on sites like these, but i have learned how to spot the fakes and i know how to deal with them. This is how you do it.

1. if they are for real, demand online ID either yahoo or AOL or Skype., dont fall for " i prefer to get to know you here first. Like exchanging emails or online IDS would be any different than exchanging messages here.

2. this one is very important, dont ask for a picture right away, ask to speak on the phone with the women, if she knows what her husband is doing then there should be know problem with this. No not on the first chat, but i would not waste more than a week chatting online. This worked well for me, i had this person from this site contact me on yahoo, we chatted for hours for 3 days, i asked for this person to call me, guess what they never called and i never heard back from them.

3. This one is for the laddies who are true BBC queen of Spades, you know what if that man you are talking can back up what he is saying and that he is not married, if you are interested in him. Ask for his number right off the bat and if he cant give it to you, step away real fast, chances are he is wasting your time, and he is not black he just wants pussy and tit pictures. How does this work, because any man who is serious about getting some pussy will do this simple request. No you dont have to call him right away, but i would suggest you do it in the first 2 days after getting it and dont tell him when.

No this wont cut down on all the bull shit artist, because just when you figured the trick out, well the tricks come up with another game. My uncle god rest his soul had this saying, " Game recognize game and all game aint good game"

Just some little advice from a ex Navy man and a man who leaves the country every two years, it works, trust me. Now let all the haters start hating

Sage advice, from the Sage-man
I honestly agree with this post 100%. I am not in a cuckold relationship, I am not a poser, a picture collector, I am just an honest white guy trying to find a white woman who likes to have sex with BLACK bull(s) and be bred by them. I came on here hoping to find more about becoming a cuck in a relationship and hoping to find what I stated above. This website came HIGHLY reccommended. Instead there are people on here who are fake as all get out posting pictures of porn stars, scenes from porn movies, etc etc. Its sad really. So many people are on here simply for the fantasy not the actual expirence... I am glad someone (BBC4pussy) has posted something like this and I hope more people will read this and help bring out the REAL cuckolds, Breeders, and people who want a relationship. So thank you BBC4pussy, thank you.


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Well we have not met any guys from here so far, but hoping to meet a guy next weekend. Keep my fingers crossed :)


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BBC4pussy ... as I see it, this website is clearly broken down into 3 sections:
  1. Forums - one part suggests "real people", that being Real Persons On BlackToWhite
  2. Photos - no parts in this section suggest "real people"
  3. Dating - suggest real people in Couples&Women Seeking, and Blackmen Seeking
You're posting your complaint, here, in the regular Forum - General Discussions
So, are we to assume your complaint is with this General Discussions of the Forum? Or, is it in parts indicated above that suggest real people? If it is in those sections, why not post your complaint in those sections? I'm more irritated with the growing number of homosexuals that are frequenting this site looking for cock to suck cock, and creating threads about white men sucking black cocks.

I don't think the web administrators make any guarantees to their "no fee/no charge" website when your expectations aren't being met. Possibly a dating service site might work better for your needs. :confused: