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My introduction

I've done it twice.First time,was in Atlantic City I was playing poker with a couple for a few hours,and we were all just having really good general conversation at the table.So after I went to the cage they both came behind me and cashed out.they asked me if I wanted to come have a drink with them because we all won that day.So we went up to the room and after a few drinks his wife went into the bathroom and was taking a shower,and he asked me did I think his wife was hot?I said yes,but I didn't want him to think I was looking to hard because at that time I wasn't aware of the lifestyle. So he asked me would I like to have sex with his wife!? I thought this guy just had to much to drink lol.So I said if you want me to I will gladly do so.He said she liked me and wanted to have sex and he was OK with.I thought it wax cameras around and I was on a TV show or something. So she comes out the bathroom.Red lace thong,no bra.I instantly get rock hard.She walks straight out and starts to unbuckle my belt..to be continued