maybe all is not lost :)

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    So my missus said I was disgustin last week for suggestin fuckin another guy. Asked her today what the blk guy she fucked before gettin with me was like. She said she won't go black again he wos shit and had a tiny dick. I told her she didn't have a real blk dick then to which she agreed. I asked if she had seen ir porn before and she said yes but a dick as big as those would kill her as it would end up in her lungs. I told her I'm sure a proper blk guy would know he cants shove the whole thing in straight away and would slowly break her in and suggested if she didn't want a blk guy I would buy that porn stars dildo. She agreed! Work in progress ;)
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    Congratulations! :dance:
    Hopefully, the dildo will whet her appetite to try the real thing.
    Best of luck. :)
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    Maybe she taught u were disgustin because she taught u were trying to trick her.